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Rotface picks a random target, faces him, cast the 1.5 sec Slime Spray, and then channels it for 5sec. The channeled portion of the Spray does not follow the target. So, as soon as Rotface targets someone for the Spray, everyone but that person runs to the tank. Immediately after the Spray is cast, the targeted individual runs to the tank. At that time, Rotface will not move or turn until Slime Spray has finished its channel.

You can see this well executed in the video at the 1:10 time mark.

EDIT: The "target" running to where the tank is (and then having the tank move) *could* be done, but if there is any hiccup, your going to get the entire raid sprayed, which is bad. Having 23 people ready to move every 20sec is better than 23 people waiting to see if they are the one who needs to move one person failing to move and wiping the raid.

Well, with one person moving it's down to them * up, with 23 people moving you have 23 chances to * up. Also, when boss mods are sorted it's most likely you will get a big trumpet noise if you are targeted by the spray so it would be easier to know when you ARE getting targeted than not. You could even have a triangle formation and the tank stand the "top" of the triangle, the raid stacks up at the bottom right and then the slame spray target evacs a few yards to become the bottom left of the triangle, the tank wouldn't even have to move.

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