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01-03-2010, 06:19 PM
So before I start this post will be long winded with a quick background of things going on but in all honesty I guess I'm looking for someone to answer me honestly about my decision.

First off I'm someone who is a very social gamer (ie. I am always getting the mass guild hello when I log online) on wow but I love the experience of new content/challenge. About 7 months ago I applied to a raiding guild for a chance to begin new progressions and challenges, unfortunately I was denied but I understood my gear was lacking and I would have been far behind the guild thus holding them back some.

My current guild is a social/CASUAL guild with some raiding progression (ICC 10 rep runs by our 15 best I happen to be both tank/dps, TOC10 done) We have approx. 325 characters, alts included, in the guild with around 75 - 150 members anywhere from 10-35 online on any night. About a week before Christmas turmoil occurred and several members left to start up another guild. This was fully unexpected by many members (some of which left for the new guild, others just bailed in the exodus) and after speaking with the GM and his wife (who is second in charge) they both understood my ties with the people leaving. I let them both know that after the holidays I would decide if I was going to stay or leave for the new guild which has already expressed to me an officer position in the new guild. The new guild has around 15 members with about 45 characters and the GM has expressed to me the idea of going social raiding progression with the guild and is really hoping I will come over to help out.
So I spent the holidays away from wow letting both GM's know I would be away and that I would decide upon coming back, most of my time was actually spent researching loot distribution systems, guild/raiding rules and regs, and finally I when traveled out of net service I listened to old podcasts that Cider made on guild relations (they may be old but honestly they helped).

My decision is to leave the huge guild that very infrequently raids and join the new one to help with recruiting beginning after the first of feb. Maybe I'm just hesitant about leaving the guild as I have helped so many people in the huge guild, I'm just tired of weekly raid tues os/ony wed (which either wipes 4 times then goes to os) and finally toc 25 fri which isnt going very far even with the new gear everyone has. I guess I'm ready for a push and I know that I need to sit down with the GM of the other guild and her current officers and explain to her if this is the direction your going I got your back lets lay out the rules everyone must follow and from there we are ready to go. I know this is a tough step (I've been involved in the the start-up of other guild/teams outside of wow) but I guess after all this long wind posting, can someone back me up on my decision.

01-03-2010, 06:57 PM
To me it sounds like you're perfectly entitled to go to this new guild you're talking about joining. I've been in similar situations, and the best option would be to go to the guild you're going to be happy playing in. Wipes and endless lack of progress isn't fun. You can still maintain contact with the other people, and go on the odd dungeon run with them. It's not totally one or the other:)

01-03-2010, 07:03 PM
thx vash

01-03-2010, 07:13 PM
You already know what you want to do, go raid. You also know you don't want to hurt your friends that you are leaving behind. This is what a friends list is for. Tell the old guild you are ready to step up your raiding, no hard feelings, XYZ is still a great guild but no longer the right place for you. The truth is best, but can be delivered gently.

Yes, it is like telling someone that you've been dating that you know you aren't going to marry them, such is life.

01-04-2010, 04:51 AM
ya man, make the jump imo. go where the fun is.

although i was taken back by:

"the GM of the other guild and her current officers"

...sounds like youre doomed

01-04-2010, 09:02 AM
"It's your $15."

Spend it how you wish. Are you getting your money's worth wiping 4 times on Ony then going to OS (are you killing him with drakes up, or just solo Sartharion?), and not completing TOC on Friday? Sounds like you have a leveling guild whose founding members hit level cap and wanted to venture into raiding, without a load of experience or knowledge of where to look for guidance. Sounds like the guild I was in in 2005....

You have to rememeber, peoples' feelings, peoples' "real hours" or not, you don't play this game to make your neighbor happy. Playing Warcraft makes you happy, play it in a way that promotes this emotional response.

01-04-2010, 08:19 PM
Yes, it is like telling someone that you've been dating that you know you aren't going to marry them, such is life.

Couldn't have said it better.

Just to add my copper-pair, the game of WoW is an MMO. The entire game revolves around "Multipul" players interacting in order to deliver the experience that keeps you, the player, coming back.

Guilds can make this game wonderful (and I do enjoy my guild, and have for quite some time), but they can also ruin all of the fun that you could be having.

With millions of people playing WoW, the chances are good that there is a guild out there for you. Take your time and find one that shares your goals, and fits your scheudle. Never feel obligated to stick around in a guild that isn't right for you (unless they're paying your subscription).

01-06-2010, 09:15 AM
You have to remember that even if those members of the previous guild need/want you with them true friends will remain allied to you no matter what you choice may be. And ultimately understand you need to do what you need to do to get where ever your 15 bucks a month was meant to take you. Yes it's always hard to keep close ties cross guilds but over all its manageable.

No every guild is for everyone no matter the success or failure and any GM who really wants you to stay friends with themselves and leave the possibility for you to return will ultimately insure a steady transition for you the best they can. Because who knows you may go over there and find it wasn't what you were expecting after all no matter how hard everyone trys to make it that way. Just look out for yourself and your true friends will understand.