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12-31-2009, 07:48 AM
Back Story:
Most people here know my mains a pally tank and i've been hearing warriors grip and complain about how much harder it is for a warrior to tank then it is for a pally. during christmas break i made a warrior which is now level 58 and boudt to rip Outlands a new one.

I am looking for advice that would help me tanking Outlands and Northrend (which may be another week or so) been tanking as a warrior since i got my first talent point and have practiced in every instance different ways to keep aggro cleave spam TC always on cooldown spamming sunder armor (Pre 50) or Devastate anything else i should know?

It doesnt seem as hard to tank as a warrior because i have tanked as a pally since when pallies used SP weps

12-31-2009, 09:17 AM
Prot Warriors can be every bit as effective as any other tank class... we simply have to work harder and be more aggressive to do so. There isn't much to say until you hit 80 and have all the tools available to you so just keep playing with your talents and getting accustomed to the play style.

This is an older post since we are up to ICC now and I made this back around the end of Nax / start of Ulduar but much of the info is still helpful especially for new Prot Warriors: http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f56/50689-prot-warrior-summarized-info-links.html

12-31-2009, 09:20 AM
alright thanks squirrel il bookmark this for my warrior i know most of it because my pally tanks so its kinda universal

12-31-2009, 09:47 AM
warriors have all the tools to be great tanks, but their methods of building and keeping aggros, ESPECIALLY on multiple mobs, isnt as straight-forward as some of the other classes.

for me, maintaining aggro on large groups requires a bit of finesse. you can't just alt-tab + devastate in situations like that. The tab targeting function isnt perfect and you need to make sure you're not "wasting" a high-threat attack on a mob that isnt near the top of the target order.

with only a few AoE attacks, it can get quite hectic. Thunderclap is nice but its nowhere near as slick as the AoE attacks Paladins have at their disposal.

I'm not saying there is a clear answer to one class being better than the other... just that each class has a very different way to handle each scenario.

For me, AoE threat is handled in a somewhat specific order... i change it depending on the circumstance but it normally goes like this.

Charge - TC - Queue Cleave - Shockwave - Queue cleave - Demo Shout - cleave - dev

with cleave, sunder armor and dev glyph'd this approach builds aggro very quickly on MOST mobs in the group. After your initial cleave/dev on your first target, as you switch through targets, the glyph'd sunder will apply a sunder to a nearby mob and the glyph'd dev applies 2 to your current target, on top of cleave hitting 3 targets at a time this allows you to build enough threat to hold a mob, wiht just ONE application of Dev/Cleave. This will let you tab to the next target, hit dev/cleave and move on...

with this rotation, you are constantly hitting the mobs around you and building threat. Once you have hit each mob with cleave/dev, you can go back to the initial target and hit TC when it comes up and constantly cleaving.

12-31-2009, 09:53 AM
at 58 i dont really have shockwave at my disposal yet but this is what i did in ST BRD and Dire Maul and i got compliments every run
Charge into the center of the group

Thunderclap - Que Cleave - Devastate till Thunderclap is ready - cleave - Thunderclap

it worked pretty well
i also put my vigilance on a class i know will be AoEing alot on pulls such as a hunter mage warlock.