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12-30-2009, 12:47 PM
I recently started tanking ICC 10 man and really have no problems handling single target encounters or even up to say 3 mobs at a time. However last night we pulled a pack of 6 and within a few seconds I had already lost the attention of 2 of the mobs. So later after we had finished ICC I ran some random heroics and noticed the same problem on decent sized pulls. My groups main dps was a geared Arms Warrior using Blade Storm every other group pull. On these pulls he would start dps when all targets moved within my D&D and I had just started to apply and spread diseases. He would also usually die or almost die on these pulls. I have been finding myself having to use Dark Command a lot more than what I'm use to. In turn I got a lot of complaint about me losing aggro to easily and suspected maybe there is a solution that I am not seeing.

My normal rotation for packs is as follows: D&D, IT (Main Target), BP (Main Target), Pes, BB, BB, Pes, repeat (throw random Death Strikes and Heart Strikes in that equation)

I have Rune Strike macroed to all my abilities so that it will go off automatically if triggered.

My Gear:

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So why am I losing threat so easily? Also would spec'ing my second talent build as a frost tank for heroics and pack pulls (Raid or Heroic) be more efficient threat than the blood spec I currently possess? Is there something wrong with my current rotation/spec/glyphs/gear/gems? Did anything recently happen in 3.3 that would have changed threat caused in this area? Any help is appreciated.

- Abystus

12-30-2009, 03:25 PM
1. You have an expertise of 8.

2. You have odd glyphs like Death Grip.

3. Some armor pen might help also, not sure with Blood Tanks.

12-31-2009, 08:22 AM
Wouldn't expertise only be viable on say a single target situation where the mob would dodge or parry a physical attack? I would think it wouldn't affect a Aoe situation where I'm using diseases, BB, and DND since. However I will look into getting more expertise because it will prevent parry haste that mobs get and I should take less damage overall as well as be able to hit them more often with single/multi target physical attacks. I've since replaced the DG Glyph. Also I made a Frost spec last night and tried it out, no one pulled aggro off of me after that, starting with DND, DC, HB, BB I had solid aggro on any size pack pulled (Onyxia welp example with a multitude of mobs on me at once). Maybe blood just doesn't have high threat like frost does based on rotation. But I do miss the self heals, as depending on most healers is a bad idea (atleast on my server). Thanks for taking a look at what I might have been doing wrong.

- Abystus

12-31-2009, 09:48 AM
Expertise = threat for tanking. Removing dodge from the swing table(26 exp) means you don't get dodged.

Another thing to consider is that, iirc, HS cleaves so you can use that while dnd is on cooldown(Via Death Rune created by Death Strike).

I have not personally done a lot of blood tanking, particularly aoe, so I might be wrong on the blood abilities used.

01-09-2010, 03:04 AM
Just switch out the first Pest with a BB, it doesn't hit as hard, but if your dps is dumb enough to start aoe'ing that early in the rotation, and before D&D has a chance to even start ticking, they deserve the dirt nap.
The disease applying rotation itself is a scary one for instant aoe threat... for several GCD's you have very little threat established on every mob but the main target. Switching out the BB can give you just enough boost that the healer isn't pulling off of you.
As for rotation, HS and RS are your bread and butter. Use the free cleave as was suggested above. After you finish your initial aoe rotation, smack the main target a couple time to build solid threat and then cycle through the mobs. Omen or Xperl (or a ton of other addons) will show you quickly which ones need some extra attention. THIS is where expertise really shines. With HS, you can build extremely fast, even threat on 2 mobs with a decent amount of expertise.
Blood is by no means "gimped" in the aoe tanking department. We are not frost, and miles behind pallies, but with little effort you should have no problem tanking anything :D

01-09-2010, 10:08 AM
For packs I usually don't even bother with diseases or pest til i've hit BB twice after that i cycle targets with DS and HS and work from there, so my rotation is somehting like.. DnD-BB-BB-IT-PS-Pest-DS/HS and then rinse and repeat.