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12-29-2009, 04:29 AM
Hey guys,
Well im a Tauren Warrior and im lvl 73 almost 74 and ive been thinking about wether to Tank at 80 or Spec into Fury at 80. This well be my first toon to lvl 80 and i am kinda noob at tanking although i tanked Nexus and UK the other day. I would love to tank but things like me sucking/warriors hardest tanks and so on, i would like to know to some opinion... So post your thoughts and ty in advance.

12-29-2009, 04:31 AM
Check the guide in my signature, it has all kinds of info, specs, links to all kinds of gear guides including cider's easy 540 defense gear guide, and other general info that you may find useful.

12-29-2009, 04:47 AM
Thanks man but that only really helps me when i have chosen a spec, not when im still cant decided.

12-29-2009, 05:58 AM
Play what YOU enjoy playing the most. I personally do not like to heal, so i dont have a holy spec on my pally. At the end of the day, YOU are paying to play the game, so play whatever spec you find more enjoyable. No-one will be able to really answer your question unfortanely : /

I remember back in TBC when i first rolled my main, a pally, first toon, I asked about the 3 trees and what they were for. Basically I was told if you want to heal, go holy, if you want to beat things up, go ret, and if you want to piss things off and take a beating while everyone else pewpews, go prot.

Something about the third option intrigued me LOL :D

So I rolled prot not really knowing what i was doing, learnt how to tank (got in with a guild who were leveling 3-4 toons and were always around my level) and never looked back.

I'm reminiscing LOL! anyways, play the way you want to. If you find tanking is your thing, stay prot. If you like fury dps, spec fury.

btw, I've leveled a warrior to 80 recently, gotten him pretty geared. Warrior tanking isnt 'that' hard, you just need to work a little bit more for the same results.


12-29-2009, 07:38 AM
Yeah Vin i know what your saying but thats the thing i cant choose between beating the crap outta things or having the crap beat out me but getting back up =P. You cleared my mind alittle so thanks but i still have absolute no idea if i wanna DPS or Tank cause i like the sound of both. Every one must admit that having 2 two-hand weapons and smashing shit is cool but then on the other hand having this big thing like lets say Anub hitting you but you just wont die is also insane so im stuck in the middle of them.

12-29-2009, 04:38 PM
you can always get dual-spec. that way you can switch between tanking and dps at the press of a button and a 5sec cast. plus as a tank you will have the added benefit of near instant dungeon queues, and you will EASILY be able to gear up both specs in no time at all.

you mentioned this will be your first toon to 80, so i understand that gold isnt as easy to make unless u are well established. But gold is fairly easy to make just while farming heroics(assuming its not a wipefest). you would be surprised how fast it adds up; greys+random cash dropped+money reward. and any enchanting mats you get, keep them for all your own enchants, and you will save heaps. cant remember the last time i bought mats from the AH

just stick to it and dont let anyone EVER say your a bad tank. hell i have people critizise me on my main, and im in 245/258 in every slot and sit at like 45k unbuffed. all i say to them is if they can do it better, they can go roll a tank and do it themselves. people are dicks, and their digital epeen grows bigger while they sit infront of their computer.

if you do your best you can on a regular basis, then you dont suck. we were all 'noob' at some point. and people forget the content like naxx and Heroics were done in quest blues and crafted epics.

there is a lot to learn in WoW, but once you master it, you look back at the 'noob' things you did and laugh at them.


12-29-2009, 05:14 PM
Hey Vin, man your post are helpful... Thank you.

Ive got Dual-spec but atm its proc and arms because i keep reading fury sucks with out decent 80 gear, so ill stick with arms for awhile. After that 1000g i now have 2000g left.... you would be amazed how much u make just lvl.

To do with the tanking and saying never let someone call you shit, well i have already had ppl say that when i tanked Nexus even though we finished it without wiping. And my mate who is a 80 priest always complains about tanks so it must go around alot.

So what ive decided to do is stay arms for abit and just do some heriocs and get some gear for DPS, then spend my trumiph on tanking gear.