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12-26-2009, 01:02 PM
Hi as a restro Druid Main Char,..

That has now picked up a orignal vanila wow main char Warlock after a while not playing it ( since TBC Start) and now lvl'ed it
up to lvl-80.
I am looking to get a link to or info of any sort on best Gems Enchants and Talent trees to use for PVE Raiding in WOLK ....
Also with the changes Blizz has brought in with wolk what now are the right stats I should be looking for to max the dmg?

Any help is welcome and for those intrested my chars are on, The Sha'tar EU and my Warlock char is named SpellStorm...

Thanks to you all and a Merry Christmas and a Happy Rading 2010 :)

12-26-2009, 01:12 PM
I havent played Warlock but ive heard that the site Warlocks Den is helpful

The Warlocks Den (http://wowmb.net/)

Hope it helps // Cal

12-28-2009, 12:54 PM
Well...the easy answer is go to Warlocks den and check out the Warlock forum stickies on the warcraft forums and also check out elitist jerks. sadly with all the patches you may have to dig around a bit but elitist jerks is pretty up to date.
Affliction: Dots and you: The Affliction Warlock Thread - Elitist Jerks (http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t37900-dots_you_affliction_warlock_thread/)
Destro:The Mage Equivalent: The Destruction Warlock - Elitist Jerks (http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t38033-mage_equivalent_destruction_warlock/)
Demo: Demonology Thread - Elitist Jerks (http://elitistjerks.com/f80/t37474-demonology_thread/)

To go into some details here is what i have gathered from my reading and experiences.

Spec: It depends on how you like to play really. They have finally gotten most of their stuff together in terms of balancing the specs. According to theory and simcrafting specs go: Affliction>Destrustion>Demonology>Hybrid and top 3 are pretty close interms of dps and each brings their own talents to the raid. Affl. gives +5% crit on target. Destro give replenishment. Demo gives the most with +5% crit on target and +spellpower (given that your base spellpower is 2801 or more you will over ride the totem of wrath via demonic pact)

your playstyle plays into this ALOT. personally... i like to think i am decent at each but i LOVE desto and i do much better when i am destro then when i am affl. (when i focused on affl when it was top[first patch of naxx] i did aweome)

Now with all that in mind you can chose the spec you like.

Stat Priority: Hit>SP>Haste>Spirit>Crit>Int
you will find you will be getting alot of hit with T9 and toc10/25 gear and making the cap is easy. (unbuffed/spec'd/bonus hit cap is 17%).

Gemming: some quick notes on gemming.
IF you have a spot where you can get a socket bunus of 5 Sp or more and it is blue, go with the SP/Spirit gem. You will get more with Fel armor AND Glyph of life tap.
From my experiences if you can get the bonus go for it.
Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (+21 Critical Strike Rating and 3% Increased Critical Damage)
RED: Runed Cardinal Ruby (+23 Spellpower)
YELLOW: Rigid King's Amber (+20 Hit)(if not capped > Quick King's Amber (+20 Haste)
BLUE: Purified Dreadstone (+12 Spellpower/+10 Spirit)

Addons: must have Lifetapper, Dotimer(or similar),DrainSoulTimer and PowerAuras
Lifetapper: makes an annoying noise to let you know when to lifetap to keep the buff up
PowerAuras: tracks your procs (ie, molten core, decimation, trinket procs)
DrainSoulTimer: reminds you when mob is at 25% or less (when you switch to drain soul as affl.) and lets you know when it ticks
Dotimer: lets you know what dots you have on the boss and their time remaining and your cooldowns
(I personally use Nui, just my preference but does the same as Dotimer with ALOT more in it though)

Other notes from personal experience:
I use the spellstone for the haste and elixir for haste and spirit. I find that haste does alot more than crit does in terms of raiding. You will find that there are alot more crit buffs then there are haste buffs. I know this doesn't follow the stat priority very well but there are many SP buffs out there as well. I recently went to black magic on staff instead of the 81 spellpower but havn't had a chance to test it out since my instance servers are down atm.
These are just what I have found that work and I like to think I am doing okay staying competitive with arcane mages that are similarly geared, however they will scale MUCH better with gear then we do.

If you think this helps and want more info it is most direct if you contact me in-game or send me an email.