View Full Version : Tanking Choosing Belt

12-25-2009, 02:16 PM
Hellow. So, I have to decide between 2 Waist items.
Ive got these two too choose from: Item Comparison Tool - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?compare=49853;45825)

Shieldwarder Girdle - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=45825) is superior in everything expect Strength (Useless) and Block Value. How useful is Blockvalue? Should I go with it or the one with more Def and Dodge?

Thanks in advance!

12-25-2009, 02:25 PM
Shieldwarder is better for overall use, Lore's links are only usefull in block value set, which doesnt have much use in current content (yea yea anub arak 25 hc add tnaking D: )