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12-24-2009, 05:32 AM
Hi, I have been tanking for awhile now and I have noticed that i have become retartedly squishy in the new 5 man H HoR. I dont know what i am doing wrong, I thought i had everything sorted but evidently not seeing that i am going down so quick. If you guys any feedback about my spec and gear tell because i need the info. Im clueless right now.

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12-24-2009, 10:25 AM
My DK is geared pretty well (2800+ WHR) and I still have to pop CD's in HoR (with a comparatively geared healer) and for a few pulls in PoS (the ramp).

The main thing I noticed when I'm taking excessive amounts of damage is that there's something hitting my backside. Make sure that every mob is hitting you from the front - this has been harder to accomplish since Blizz broke mob pathing in 3.3, but with the right movement it can be done.

Also, throw strangulates and mind freezes whenever possible. I noticed this decreases the damage in the new 5 mans significantly when used correctly.

12-24-2009, 12:08 PM
Talent spec needs some work. Icy Talons is useless to a tank, and Morbidity is underwhelming for Frost since you have HB for AoE threat (especially with the HB glyph). Take those points and fill out Bladed Armor. The IBF glyph is useless to a tank as well, as IBF scales with defense skill - just by being at or above the defense minimum, you get 35% or higher, so you don't need the glyph.

Gear is much better, although you should definitely replace that parry gem (never gem parry as a DK, go for dodge or agility instead).

I see nothing here that would cause you to be abnormally squishy - I think it's a combination of an instance that sucks to tank (lots of adds, lots of magic damage to deal with - make sure, as the other poster mentioned, to use your defenses against magic damage, like Mind Freeze, Strangulate, and of course AMS) and class mechanics (DK's take a lot of damage when tanking lots of adds because of the lack of a block mechanism).

To be fair, my paladin is in much better gear than you, and has Holy Shield which is retardedly overpowered for 5 mans (especially HoR), and still takes a crap-ton of damage. It's just the way the instance works unfortunately.

12-24-2009, 03:30 PM
I looked over your gear, and your gems are really wierd.

Never use anything but 30 stam gems in prismatic sockets, never put a mix gem in blue sockets, dont gem parry/stam, use expertise/stam or dodge/stam for red sockets. For yellow, I suggest 10hit/stam, or, if needed, 10 defense/stam.

I would suggest getting the 30 stam/15 resil shoulder enchant from the vendor in SW, instead of the Sons of Hodir enchant, as the amount of damage going around in the new ICC's, is pretty brutal on tanks that dont have above 35k unbuffed, I had alot of problems starting them on my DK because of it.

As for CD's, use AMS every pull with a mage and rifleman combo, especially if you do not have a decurse, and use icebound every cooldown as well, especially if there is a rogue, the Kidney shot will surely wreck your health.

12-24-2009, 03:48 PM
I havent looked at your gear because i believe HoR is more dependent on execution than gear (though a certain level of dps & hp is a must, especially for the last run).

My method of tanking is:

Everybody hides in one of the alcoves the 2 bosses spawn in. This will ensure all the mobs run to you. DnD on their path will ensure they'll head for you first.

Hopefully you have some sort of cc (hunter trap, shackle, repentence, etc). Use that on a mage preferably. Try to keep mages as far away & cc'd as possible. The hunter is extremely annoying but not as lethal so you can pretty much ignore him till last.

Kill priority: Priests first (they heal & fear), Mercenaries second. Mages last (they split, why have an extra mob unless it's the last?).

I'm guessing you're going down to a combo of priest fear and mercenary kidneyshotting you, shadowstepping to your healer, killing him, then shadowstep to your back to kill you, while the mage is hurting everyone with flamestrikes. Unless you find some way to control that damage, the healer will probably be overwhelmed, you'll have mobs on your back and aggro all over the place