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12-22-2009, 09:25 PM
Ok I am a new Death Knight tank, I am an experienced raider previously a shaman healer till about 3 weeks ago I made the switch to tanking using my Death Knight.

Here is my Armory link
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Shattered+Hand&n=Zerorain)

Typically used the D&D, IT, PS, Pest, BT, BB, HS as rotation tossing RS As soon as available. And HoW if by the time im done my runes arent ready.

But my DPS sucks BIG TIME; I know thats not typically a worry for a tank but I just did 25 VOA and I did 1.1k DPS (easly 1k less than another tank) "A Pally" with a lower GS than me, and I'm pretty sure it's affecting me holding aggro.

I'm still below hit cap but only had 1 miss and 1 parry (I dont think that equated to 1k difference). I also dont feel I can lose any more Hp (I have 35k unbuffed)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

12-22-2009, 11:58 PM
Your expertise is pretty low, that's going to be a threat problem. Increasing expertise will help your threat and dps.

In your post you say HS in the rotation - I hope that was just a mistype and you mean Blood Strike, Obliterate.

You might consider changing the unbreakable armor glyph to a howling blast glyph and then just run 1 disease. Your rotation then becomes (for single target) HB, BS, BS, OB, OB, OB and you watch for KM/Rime procs. Keep Blood runes on CD and you're good to go. I find this a much simpler rotation/priority system to use. I wouldn't use DnD on single target.

For AoE, (assuming the HB glyph) you would HB, DnD, BB, and then HB/OB/BB depending on what isn't on CD.

Running a 2 disease rotation can be confusing for someone new to DKs and tanking (at least in my experience) and that could be part of the problem. Conversely, a 1 disease glyphed HB setup is quite a bit more simple because you don't have to apply and then spread diseases - you just HB and be done with it. Howling Blast is a 51 point talent for a reason, use it. ;)

12-23-2009, 05:09 AM
Thanks for responding, The rotation you use is very similuar to my Frost Rotation. I was refering to my Blood Rotation. I went to Blood Tanking after clearing heroics. I went blood for 2 reasons. 1st was the increased Health w/out loss of and Defences (actually gain about .3% in parry) In addition I have 300-400 more Damage.

But in either spec; I'm still only getting 1.1-1.5k DPS. Is this normal?

12-23-2009, 05:44 AM
No, this is not normal for a Death Knight tank on a single target (assuming you are still referring to VoA25.

The rotation you posted is for multi mobbing indeed, what is it you use for a single mob in Blood spec?
It's not your gear, partly is your hit/expertise, it's not your spec. That leaves rotation, awareness, latency and frame rate. How is Hysteria working for you? You could consider picking up Dancing Rune Weapon (not that big of a threat gainer, but little bits help) for one talent point.

12-23-2009, 05:57 AM
Normaly on a single target it is: IT, PS, BS, HS, Obliterate, and DC just to reset my runes) and RS any time its up and ready

12-23-2009, 06:31 AM
Given your gear and rather heavily threat-centric talent spec and glyphs, I'm surprised you can actually only do 1k dps. =) (also, 3 weeks?? You gear up fast!)

First, take BS off your bars. There's no good reason to use it (only conceivable is when you absolutely must not hit more than one target, but generally I prefer to just solve that with positioning), HS trumps it in every way. Do not use OB, without Annihilation it causes more harm than good by removing your diseases and requiring you to reapply them. Imp DS (which you have) will make DS a near match in average damage, but the healing you get from DS will help it surpass OB's threat and will be fantastic with your Blood tank health.

Your goal in maximizing threat is to use HS as much as you can manage. The short-hand of that is to IT/PS to apply diseases (you have Epidemic so you should only have to do that every other rune set of 6), DS Frost and Unholy rune pairs so they become Death Runes, and use any Death or Blood runes for HS.

It is not a bad idea to use DS even on Death runes if you can use the healing. A DS that heals for full value will get you a pile of threat and make you appear to take less damage to your healers, and with Death Rune Mastery, if you use DS on Death runes they will stay Death runes when they refresh.

DC is best used when you have no runes available ("rune blackout"), but it is not strong enough to use before anything else, so try not to bother with that unless you meet both of the following two conditions:
1.) All your runes are on cooldown.
2.) You have more than 60 RP

#2 is to make sure that you never use DC at the expense of RS. RS will be a VERY important threat tool (does plenty of damage too), and is the most efficient RP to threat ratio. You want to make sure you always have the RP to use it (20 RP), so never using DC unless you have over 60 (since it costs 40 you'll still have enough left) will make sure you're never RP starved for RS procs.

To use RS well many people will macro it into all of their main spells. I think if you want to make good use of it without making it automatic (which is perfectly fine but some people prefer to track their RS use), I'd macro it to HS that way you can just use that button for both spells. If a Blood/Death rune is available it will fire both, but neither is available it will just trigger the RS.

The macro would look like this:
#showtooltip Heart Strike
/cast Heart Strike
/cast Rune Strike

Spelling is important to be accurate or the macro won't work, so check your spelling before you put it on your bar.

If you do this, with your gear and raid buffs, I'd be surprised if you dip below 2k dps much, even while off-tanking.

12-24-2009, 07:09 PM
Excellent Excellent advice Satorri!! Im at 2k in Heroics and 2.3 in raids.
TY very much.

As far as gearing fast lol (i was 71 2 weeks ago and rested everybit till 80)
Gear is eaisy to get these days just have to set prioritys. Skill/Knowhow is the part that takes time