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12-22-2009, 10:14 AM
Hola, rather new to the tanking scene (on day 4) and have spent a lot of time reading the guides of Satorri and Swam. I need some help with my rotation because I feel like I am spending a lot of time waiting on the cooldowns which is costing me TPS in return.
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kel'Thuzad&n=Bleeddeep) here is my armory link (i know my gear isnt great but that will come in time)

my current rotation DnD->IT->PS->PEST->HB->BB->FS then back to IT PS etc etc, seems like I am spending a lot of time waiting for my cooldowns. Is there a more practical or better rotation I should be using? I feel like maybe I am mismanaging my runes in a way that is causing this downtime. Which in turn is causing me to lose aggro which makes me feel like a bad tank T.T

Thanks in advance!

12-22-2009, 03:33 PM
Hi first off I'm no expert at DW frost tanking (i'm using 2H) but i'll try and help you as best i can :)

there are some minor things you can change about your spec.

1. Loose the Hungering Cold, it's mainly a PvP ability and DPS will only end up breaking it with some sort of AoE.

1.1. Get Glyph of FS or UA instead of Glyph of HC

2. this is different from person to person but you may also want to change glyph of OB to either mentioned above. It may give you some more TPS but you will gain more from the FS glyph and you can help your healers by using UA glyph (better cool down)

3. Put the point from HC into Epidemic in the unholy tree (can also remove one point from either blade armor or Scent of blood and put in there too if you wish) this will help your rotation a lot since you don't have to use PS and IT as much.

4. With the rotation you mentioned earlier you should only be using IT once per fight (unless you miss with HB) and that's when pulling from far away. If you drop DnD and DG one mob wait for the others to get in range and then use HB to get Frost fever up.

5. NEVER underestimate BT (you can get the minor glyph to remove the little dmg it does to you). BT followed by a BB or rather BB->BB->BT->BB (if you have the blood runes for it) will give you a lot of threat lead if you are tanking multiple mobs though make sure you got at least FF up on all of them before to do some more threat.

as for:
I am spending a lot of time waiting for my cooldowns i'm not sure how DW works (not been that for a long time) with managing runes but for 2H (that i use) there will be some waiting from time to time, that's just how our runes work. This is also a good time to pop BT and get off another BB or BS. Save your what's-its-name that give you all your runes back for when a trigger happy DPS ninja pulls

hope this helps :)

will check back tmro if you have any questions on what i wrote

12-23-2009, 03:33 AM
your spec is solid for a frost tank but i may suggest lessening icy touch in your rotation. When I added the glyph of howling blast to my set i found that running a single disease rotation worked very well. On trash I mainly spam hb and bb with oblit when hb is on cd. even on bosses I find Hb is better than IT.
D&D is nice on occasion for snap aggro. Laying that down followed by HB and BB usuially locks all adds to me until I can use rune abilities again.
As a suggestion. Try openening up with that. On groups keep spamming BB and Oblit. Oblit will proc Rime giveing you free HB. when HB is available use it. this will free you from useing pest. also try this macro
/cast oblit
/cast rune strike

/cast blood strike
/cast rune strike

these will keep rune strike ( a huge threat ability) in your rotation without thought.)
IF you have less than 60 rp I would not spam frost strike simply because i feel rune strike generates more threat.
Also if you dont use blood tap regularly you should add it to your rotation, free runes are awesome.
Also feel free to ask me fore questions in my guide :)

12-23-2009, 07:34 AM
First off thank you both for your answers, it makes a lot of sense :)
So pretty much I need to get rid of PS and PEST and only use IT for pulling? Also, how do I know when to use either Oblit or FS? I usually use FS for my dump but I know I need to Oblit for RIME. Does it really matter which one I use?