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12-22-2009, 06:53 AM
Dont know if im posting this in the right thread was thinking either here or healing discussion so soz ahead of time.

Lately i have been looking at my wmo logs after raids that some of the other o's post on the forums, i look through them and wonder if im doing good healing or not some fights i do 1.5k-3k ehps and like 3k-6k hps on some fights and usually do most healing in the group some times get beaten by our priest. Was wondering if there is anything i need to do to improve my healing isually keep hots on tanks rejuv up the raid when need adnd alos Wild growth when off cd and if needed i nourish. I dont know if im doing anything wrong when healing but i want to try and increase my ehps and hps for my guild or guild apps in the future that require wmo logs etc.

armoury link:
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dreadmaul&n=Waikikamukau)

12-22-2009, 09:11 AM
If the raid lives the healers are doing fine. If you want some generalized advice, here you go.

If you aren't having mana issues anymore, which you probably aren't you can focus more heavily on throughput. There are four gems you could replace with pure spellpower gems and still maintain socket bonuses. The prismatic socket in the belt, and the red sockets in your gloves, chest, and legs could all be Runed Cardinal Ruby instead of hybrid gems. You'd be trading 30 spirit and 10 intellect for an additional 44 spellpower. This will directly result in increasing your healing at the cost of some of your efficiency.

Judging by your glyph selection, you are primarily a tank healer since you have rapid rejuv and nourish (raid healing druid would never neglect wild growth glyph). With that in mind I will make the following recommendations for you. On the selection of glyphs, if you can spare more mana efficiency, I'd drop glpyh of innervate. That glyph is equivalent to 8.74 mana per five if you use Innervate on every cooldown. You should probably replace that with glyph of swiftmend for tank healing, especially if you're running rapid rejuv you don't want your swiftmend consuming your fast ticking hot.

Respec slightly, droping Brambles and Celestial Focus in balance tree and pick up Empowered Touch and Living Seed, 2 in each. You should definately consider taking out the 3% haste in Balance now because your instants are already beyond benefiting from it. Assuming you have an all haste buff from a Moonkin or Retribution Paladin, as well as spell haste only buff from Wrath of Air from a Restoration or Elemental Shaman, your global cooldown reduction hits its minimum at about 22% haste from haste rating, however whenever Nature's Grace is proced anything above 2% haste doesn't benefit your global cooldown. Since you are high in haste you should definately consider droping the haste from the Balance tree.

These are ways you can increase your healing output. If you have mana issues on fights take that into consideration when looking at my recommendations. If mana is fine, I think this will help you overall.

12-22-2009, 09:38 AM
ty very much for that, but actually im a raid healer i posted a few days back on mmo champ about glyphs i got told these where good choices atm i had wild growth glyph etc pre icecrown latley i have been going on a overhall to improve my healing some occasions i have been let down in the changes i have made to my druid. to get in more detail if it helps for peoplewho reply to my thread my guild is currently focused on doing 10 man hard modes with discussions of going into 25 mans maybe this patch or in the expantion this was what has got me into improving my self cause i will have more competion also being a officer have to make myself look better lol.

I shall change my gems that u said Quinafoi soon as i get some honor for epic gems which shouldnt be to hard and also i do not tend to find myself going oom on most fights it really depending on the fight if i will usually lose my mana a bit quicker so i just run my innervate into my rotation once i reach certain percentage of mana which has been working well for me, im just stuck on what to do now i feel i tried as hard as i can yet my heals dont seem to increase at all they will either go lower then usual or be same that i usually get which is what frustrates me the most...:mad:

12-22-2009, 12:11 PM
Rapid Rejuvenation
- This glyph doesn't increase the amount healed, it's vital that you understand that. It increases the rate your ability heals. A raid healing druid would prefer to have this spell ticking slower, but on more targets. A tank healing druid prefers it to tick faster because the tanks take more steady damage. This is a tank healing glyph, not really for raid healing.

- This increases the benefit of your direct heal on a target based on the number of HoTs you have on the target. Raid healing you are likely to throw one HoT on the target and move on. Tank healing however you keep all HoTs running and use this inbetween HoT refreshes as your primary direct heal. If you're using this for raid healing it's in catch up mode and not benefiting from the glyph anyway cause you're just trying to get people healed fast. Only really benefits you as a main tank healer.

- While a fast instant heal is good on any target, generally you would use it on tanks when they take an unpredicted spike in damage since you generally have hots on them all the time.

Those three glyphs are solely designed to increase your healing going into a single target. They are tank healing glyphs in general, not to discredit their value in anyway, but they are less useful to raid healing.

Wild Growth is pretty much a mandatory glyph for a raid healing restoration druid. Every cooldown this is an instant heal and improves your AoE healing throughput of the ability by 20%. It litterally takes your AoE heal that a raid healing druid will generally use every cooldown and increases its effect by a substantial amount.

If you're a raid healer, you should have Wild Growth glyph. The other two glyphs are usually nice to have ones like Swiftmend. You would not want to have Rapid Rejuvenation if you're a raid healer though. For tank healing it's important to get heals on the target faster, however for healing a raid you would want your HoTs to tick slower. Take Deathbringer Saurfang for example. The Boiling Blood debuff deals damage every 3 seconds to 3 random raid members, and unglyphed your Rejuvenation heals every three seconds. So your heal would directly coincide with the damage being taken by the raid. HoTs are not for spike healing, so speeding it up isn't that useful for a raid healer. The debuff also lasts 21 seconds in this example and your HoT would last 18 seconds, if you glyphed it, your HoT would only last about 12 seconds of the Debuff duration. Raid healing is a lot more about trickling heals on multiple targets instead of rushing heals on individual targets.

For a raid healer I'd recommend getting Wild Growth glyph and droping Rapid Rejuvenation. You could probably go with something like Wild Growth, Swiftmend, and Nourish. Swiftmend and Nourish are your spike damage heals for a raid healer. Wild Growth is your use on cooldown AoE heal. Rejuvenation and Regrowth are your longer term periodic heal (for targets with a debuff taking continual damage). Lifebloom you throw into the mix inbetween.

12-22-2009, 11:32 PM
ty very much for your help hopefully i will improve with these tips in tonights raid hehe xD

12-23-2009, 08:34 AM
Druid healing as a raid healer lot about picking up the slack (or in some cases picking up the "slacker" with a battle res). HoTs don't help so much if the target has been fully healed by a Circle of Healing. So long as the boss dies and everyone lives, you did your job. Your performance is directly limited by the other healers in the group, though personally I think druid healing trends towards beating all the others except under certain circumstances (for example Loatheb wasn't very kind to heals that have a long duration since 85% of the time heals have no effect).

The way to approach druid healing, especially as a raid healer, is similar to the type of approach of a discipline priest. You aren't necessarily looking for people who have taken damage, but people that will take damage. HoTs are proactive healing, not reactive (reactive mode is when you're panicing and spamming Nourish on everyone you see drop a chunk in health). Deathbringer Saurfang for example is a great fight for a druid raid healer because there is a lot of predictable damage. Everyone who gets Boiling Blood you through a HoT on, not to heal damage they may have taken already, but to counteract the damage they will take during the debuff. Same rule with Mark of the Fallen Champion, since you know this target will take consistent damage over time, it's a great target for heal over time abilities. Damage that the person may have already taken will generally be healed by someone else's reactive heal, a holy priest with Circle of Healing for example. Where a druid excels is healing the damage not yet taken and in order to be an effective druid healer you need to become good at predicting where damage will go.

12-23-2009, 08:52 AM
Saurfang seemed like a perfect candidate for Rapid Rejuv glyph...there's not enough damage flying around the raid for mass-rejuving and the people that DO take damage take it in pretty predictable intervals. (Boiling Blood, tank melee damage, fallen champion)

But I'm just learnin' this tree thing. ;) Who knows!