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12-20-2009, 01:53 PM
Any tank add-ons that are like a "must have"? i've never really used an add on other than atlas loot, infact i've never even used deadly boss mods before, haha i'm raiding 10m ICC and now that ive gotten into a good guild that raids lots i think i would need to get some addons to start getting more serious.
anyone got any suggestions

12-20-2009, 02:17 PM
Well there is only a few "must have" addons but there are quite a few useful ones.

MSBT: A scrolling combat text, basically you can put your damage done, damage incoming, heals and notifications to scroll down where ever you want on the screen.

Grid: Very light, customizable raid frames, pretty close to a must have.

Bartender: A light weight bar mod that makes it so you can move the blizzard bars where ever you want on the screen.

Omen: The only must have addon, it's a very customizable threat meter that can show with text when you are losing threat on a target, when it changes targets and when it is attacking you.

Forte: A nice cooldown watcher.

Acheron: A death watcher, you can click on it and shows you everything that happened to you up to the last 10 seconds of your life.

Pitbull: More cosmetic, just generally look better and are more customizable than the standard blizzard ones.

CBH Viewport: It can make the top or bottom of your screen black so that the edges of your screen aren't consumed by addons.

Satrina's Buff Frames: Also cosmetic, very nice buff frames.

Eerror: Removes all of the annoying " You don't have enough mana" red text that blocks off quite a bit of your screen.

12-20-2009, 03:39 PM
A very good alternative to Satrina's Buff Frames is Elkano's Buff Bars. They are really good and I like them a lot.

IceHUD is another great one I like to use.

12-21-2009, 08:12 AM
As tank and raid lead heres some of the ones I use that were not mentioned..
oRA2: Good small add-on for setting MT and Assist windows
sRaid FrameS: An Alternative to Grid for raid frames.
Tank points: A very lite mod that gives you a very quick general idea if gear is a tanking up.
Power Auras: Very customizable mod for events. I use it to remind me when to rebuff commanding shout, demo and thunderclap.
Chatter: This is more preference, but adds a lot of customizability to your chat window.
xPerl: Alternative to Pitbull for ui frames.