View Full Version : Warrior Emblem of frost cloaks

12-19-2009, 06:19 AM
Hey there, i am playing a end game Arms warrior, and as i have finally gathered 50 emblems of frost its time for me to get a new cloak.

However i have a hard time chosing which one to get.

UB stats:

AP: 4345
Hit: 227
Crit: 36.8%
ArP: 74.45%
Exp: 12

The two cloaks in question is: Might of the ocean serpent, which is a traditional warrior cloak with str, ArP and exp, and recovered scarlet onslaught cloak, which is agi based with ap, crit and ArP.

Might of the ocean serpent has more AP and ArP, and the exp will not bring me above the cap, however the scarlet cloak has a massive amount of crit.

I have tried a few different dps simulators, but they all give different answers, so i hope that some of you might have an answer :)

thanks in advance.