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12-18-2009, 07:49 PM
hi, i am balance druid,

i am having some problems with low dps rate maybe u can help me

my guear and talents (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dragonmaw&n=Leany)

i do normal rotation with dots always on
wrath until eclipse, then starfire until eclipse and so on...

and my dps is a crapy 4k, and i see outher balance druid doing like 8k

can u give me advice pls?

12-19-2009, 04:03 PM
the difference may be the fact that other druids are way better geared than you, getting full t9 with triumph badges is simple now, i'd consider running heroics through the new pug system, minimum of 5 badges a run

12-20-2009, 04:58 PM
For one, you logged out in restoration spec, doesn't really help your cause.

In any case areas where you can improve.

1. You aren't even remotely close to Hit Capped. You have 3.58% hit. You get 7% from talents but this leave you short 6.42% If you can't hit the boss, you're DPS is going to be substantially lower.

2. You are using the wrong Meta gem for a Balance Druid. Chaotic Skyflare Diamond is the only meta a DPS should ever use because the modifier to your crit damage exceeds the benefit of any other available combination.

3. You have four unenchanted pieces of gear, and several others with sub par enchants.

4. You have 3 pieces of gear with passive mana per five, you enchanted your boots with Vitality, and you have a trinket which procs mana regen. Mana per five is worthless to balance druids. Spirit is your weakest DPS stat, but still more desirable than mana per five. Ideal gear for a balance druid should have no mana per five at all. Your second trinket has a procing effect that only occurs on healing spells.

5. You have the wrong glyphs for DPS. Insect Swarm, Moonfire, and Starfire are the top three by a substantial margin. Starfall and Focus are worthless.

6. You have no set bonuses currently. Two piece tier 9 alone would be around a 200 DPS increase for you. You would actually do more DPS wearing 4 pieces of T9 ilevel 232 gear than you would wearing that offset 245 gear because the set bonuses exceed the value of the difference in stats.

7. You are over the haste soft cap (provided you are grouped with a casting shaman) by 160 rating and running very low crit by comparison. Above the haste soft cap crit is more valuable. You don't really need to worry much about the crit soft cap at this time since you're about 700 rating short of that.

If you can pull off 4k DPS using what you logged out in, I'd be quite pleased with that.

Look at every piece of gear you have with MP5 on it... get rid of those.
Pick up set pieces because the set bonuses are quite strong.
Get hit capped.
Replace your healing trinkets with DPS trinkets. A hit one would help a lot.
Correct your glyphs.
Fix your meta gem.
Trade off haste for crit. Favor that in your gear selection. Items that are Crit and Haste are fine. Items that are Haste and Spirit look to replace with either Haste and Crit, Spirit and Crit, or Hit and Crit.
Fix your enchants. 63 spellpower on weapon. 23 haste on cloak. Icewalker or Tuskar's on boots. 10 stats on chest. 24 spellpower / 14 crit from Sons of Hodir on shoulders. 30 spellpower on bracer. Brilliant Spellthread (50 spellpower / 20 spirit) on legs.