View Full Version : Paladin Getting ready to find a place in ICC

12-16-2009, 06:09 PM
I've been putting together this tank for a bit... I have tanked ToC 10, and plan on doing it more to get some better gear, especially a belt and trinkets... Although, the trinkets I have give me lots of health.

I want to put together/join a ten man team for regular Icecrown. My aspirations aren't huge, I just wanna kill arthas., even if only on regular.

Anyways, I'm wondering about the "next step..."

I'm thinking T9 chest from badges, I even thought about the ilvl 226 crafted belt since belts seem to be a pain in the butt. Looking for a better shield too... anyways. What else should I be thinking about?

I'm about to go log and try to find a toc 10 or 25.... After the tier chest I don't think there's much more to get from triumph badges.

Thanks in advance.


tankadin - Vanhellen on Bleeding Hollow - US

12-17-2009, 01:19 PM
well without the armory... better all your gear. thats a safe assumption... you can always use better gear if your nervous ;)...

its like a wise man first told me the first year i went hunting, i was nervous on shooting the deer in case i missed or not. he told me "you cant kill one if you dont shoot at it" the very next day i killed one...

so my advice to you is, jump in on it on regular and if you cant hang there dont go to heroic lol