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12-16-2009, 01:33 AM
Hi all!

To start with I wanna thank all of you guys/gals who make this site to what it is!

We're a bunch of irl firends that are thinking of doing some raids again. We're all farming gear in the new icc dungeons and trying our best to get ready for this. However, it's been a while since we did any raids together but we all acomplished the "champ. of the frozen wastes" together before we kinda shut down. So we all have some, but not alot of, raiding-experience, on these or other characters...

Beeing as casual as one can get about this re-entry into the raid-world I'd be glad if you could point us in a general direction when it comes to what raid to go for.

Gearwise we're all gonna be filling up with whatever we can get from the new Icc dungeons, Totc hc and badges. Atm my character is geared like...

[/URL][URL="http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bloodscalp&cn=Kief&gn=Dig+Up+Her+Bones"]This (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bloodscalp&cn=Kief&gn=Dig+Up+Her+Bones)

Actual stats beeing: (for future reference)

HP: 31131


Armor: 25100
Defense: 547
Dodge: 24.62%
Parry: 21.82%
Block: 17.77%


Hit Rating: 190
Expertise: 17

...and all other members will be at roughly the same average i-lvl (219-232-ish) before we start.

That beeing said, what would you guys/gals recommend for us to start with? Ulduar, Onyxia, TotCr10? And for that matter, where do you guys/gals recommend me spending my time while waiting for the other chumps to gear up? Keep in mind that we actually like a good challenge! =D

Last but not least, the reason I'm asking is cause I see alot of different req's posted and obsolete links to character-sheets and what not = hard to get a straight forward answer by reading other posts/threads. Also I'd like this to be a thread about what I've written above. Just pointing this out to make sure you don't go ranting about how a spec are off by a few points or itemisation beeing what it is. We care about our characters and will do our best to get them geared/specced/gemmed for perfection, when time comes. Til then we'll just try different things to find out whats best for us, personally. (Have to say I'm quite embarrassed though, not having my bs-sockets yet =S Gonna fix, promise)

Thanks in advance!


12-16-2009, 07:16 AM
with 3.3 live, you can get triumph badges coming out your ears by running heroics, especially if you use the random heroic option for bonus badges. As such, you can buy a full set of T9.232 gear, and several other 245 pieces, and pretty well fill in the rest of the spots with 226 gear... All without even entering a raid. As such, you can likely jump straight into ToC and ICC if you wanted.

With that said, I still really enjoy some of the fights in Ulduar, especially some of the few hard-modes I managed to get to do, and would be an easier starting level for just getting to know your group and how you work together. Ony and ToC would be very possible for you to roll through as well, at even a 219-226 gear level, and give you still more badges to work with for filling in those last few spots. And make sure you check on the weekly raid quest on your server each week to make sure you get any of those done you can -- still more badges, and a few frost ones to boot.

If you're looking to get into pugs while others in your group get topped off, most servers will have PUGs running fairly consistently for Vault (if you're faction has it) and Ony (the quick "one-hit" dungeons), and I imagine you can generally find one for some of the easier or less run weekly raid bosses (e.g. ones in Naxx or maybe Uld).

12-16-2009, 08:35 AM

Well, I have to say that one of the underlaying reasons I'm asking is that we kinda grew tired of Naxx the last time we played the pve-content and would, due to this, like to get to ulduar without farming Naxx. From what I read above this wouldn't be a problem =D Another reason is that, sadly, some of our members rather easily "lose the pve-spark" if we are having trouble getting from boss-fight to boss-fight, so...

Now, we haven't been raiding since the days when EoE and OS3D we're about as challenging as the pve-content got so we will do our best to play through the "new" content, which for us is Ulduar, Ony, ToCr(GCr) and IcC.

With this beeing alts I figure we need some practice-runs to get to know eachother again since we nowadays only do HC's (figure they're even doable blindfolded XP) And beeing able to do this in Ulduar with 219-232 gear would be the best medicine for those "easy-to-die-out-pve-sparks".

Sure we love the loot, but what we love even more is a challenging boss-fight. Heck, some of us even save old gear just to be able to bring the challenge back into a fight =)

So, from what you said, Berzerker, one could put it like this (keeping in mind that it is a fairly tight group of ppl with both raid-experience and knowledge about their respective class)

219-245 gear => Ulduar, Ony and some hardmodes
245-??? gear => TotCr, TotGCr and IcC

187-219 gear => Ulduar, Ony and some hardmodes
219-??? gear => TotCr, TotGCr and IcC

Would be great if this could be true for our little group, and even better if I had some experienced (3.2 and 3.3 content in mind) raiders as a reference, again, due to the "sparks". It's mighty fine to have a carrot to pull out once in a while and be able to say that somebody did this before us, and so can we!

Thanks for your time Berzerker!

Think I'll have to probe Onyxia tonight to see what it's all about. From what the tankspot video shows it seems quite simple... =D


12-16-2009, 03:42 PM
I think going off of your gear right now, you could do Ulduar 10 or 25 for sure, TOC10, TOC25 will be a little harder but if you guys have skill its managable. TOGC10 and TOGC25 is just a little out of reach at the moment. ICC10, you could do as long as your tanks can take some pretty big hits, not sure the exact number right this second though :/

12-17-2009, 04:07 AM
Sounds great! Figure this will help alot when it comes to convincing the crowd. =D

I know balance is the way to go many times but I've read about tanks leaning more towards either EH-sets or AV-sets for different fights in both Ulduar and Icc.

So, starting with a fairly balanced set, which would be the more viable set of the EH and AV-set if you look at the raids as a whole?
Also, since I'm horrible when it comes to prot pala's and DK-tanks, what set would you guys see as more viable for these other classes? Would like to be as effective as possible when it comes to progress/loot-distribution...



12-17-2009, 04:22 AM
The issue with doing Ulduar is that you won't get a lot of item rewards. You might be able to have some fun, get some good encounter experience, but you'll spend a fair amount of time reading up on the strats and probably wipe a few times getting the hang of it to be rewarded by... gear worse than what you got from farming heroics. I would hesitate to recommend Ulduar, unless you are really keen to "see the content".

Onyxia and TOC is where I'd start, while at the same time farming as many badges in heroics as possible, especially the new 5 mans. The raid fights are nice and simple, the rewards include a good variety of items to help you get your average gear level up to the point of Icecrown readiness. If you are prepared to put some time into it, you could easily be at the Icecrown entry level within weeks.

12-17-2009, 06:59 AM
True what you say bout the loot.

Ulduar will be more for getting to know eachother again, as we all play on our somewhat new alts, aswell as to "see the content". Maybe we should get started as soon as possible to be able to make better use of the drops and get to doing the hard-modes for 232-loot.

To really gear up for IcC we'd have to, as you say, visit Onyxia and ToCr.



12-17-2009, 07:18 AM
Of the raids currently aavilable Uldaur and ICC are the better ones.

However if your raiders easily lose the PvE spark then perhaps focusing on the shorter raids initially may help.

Ony is obviously very quick, and ToC takes around an hour after you've run it a few times. Ulduar would obviously take longer but then again is "in theory" the easiest to tackle. You'd happily make mincemeat of the first half of uldy in your current gear and the 2nd half would offer more of a tactical challenge rather than a gear one.

Even ICC is worth a look.

12-17-2009, 08:51 AM
Yeah, might be a good idea.

Regarding the spark, it's quite easy to keep it alive as long as the fights are challenging and fun and given there's not too much boring trash to deal with (thinking aoe-pulls in naxx). Some decent loot is always nice but secondary to the quality of the fight itself.



12-17-2009, 02:57 PM
I think Ulduar has some of the most interesting fights aside from ICC now. The trash is meh, but the boss fights take a lot of coordination (Freya/Hodir/Mimiron/Thorim/etc.). In ICC everything takes coordination, the trash is actually really easy to get overwhelmed with, and the boss fights have a ton going on.

ToC is interesting in it's own way as well, but can be frustrating (think Faction Champs) while you are trying to figure out the best kill order based on your group. All in all, I think ICC is probably the most interesting area besides the later bosses in Ulduar.

12-18-2009, 04:42 AM
Good to know, thanks!

Even though Faction Champs can be frustrating I think many of my mates will find it rather fun since alot of them play alot of pvp aswell.