View Full Version : Tanking Feral Tanking Stats and Gear

12-12-2009, 09:40 AM
Hi, I was wondering if my Gear, Enchants and Spec is up to tanking Raids such as ToC 10, 25 etc. I've healed it perfectly fine, but I've just changed my off-spec to tanking, and wondering if my gear was fine.

I've not been a tank for about 2 months, so some of the gear is a bit out-dated. I still need to get an enchant or two, but it's almost done.

Just wondering if I need some more Dodge, as I've heard that 65% dodge is best for a Feral Druid, where mine is only around 40% in Bear. My HP is already higher than the tanks in the guild, but thats to be expected of a Feral, even with lower gear, I assume.

Thanks in advance.