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12-07-2009, 05:16 PM
I need some advice regarding the DK I have been bringing to TOGCR10. We bring the same group through TOC10 in 45 minutes, but for some reason, cant even get past beasts in heroic. The DK seems to drop like butter with Gorlok on him. I'd question our strategy, or our healing, but it's always him that dies, from heavy spike damage. He seems to be geared for it, and TOC10 is no problem, but I know nothing about DKs and therefore have no idea how to help him.

If those of you in the know could take a look at him, and give some advice, that would be very much appreciated.

He is: Kaedus on Suramar
I am the OT, paladin: Herah on Suramar

I am providing my info for comparison. I don't die on this fight until long after he goes down and impale starts stacking heavily on me. We trade off at 3 stacks on the first taunt, then whenever our debuff goes away after that, usually 2-3 stacks.

12-07-2009, 05:42 PM
well first off tell him to take off that defense rating on his cloak and put +225 armour wont help much but its an upgrade seeing an how +16 def wont make much of a difference sine he is alrdy capped. Tell him to get the http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47731 with 30 or 35 not sure triumph badges as i believe its BiS right now. Other than that i would only reccomend him to run some ToC 25 and get some tanking drops in there.

Other than that Could you give me some info on what the healers look like.

12-07-2009, 05:46 PM
Mark of blood will help.

Vendor ring instead of twin valkyr.

Black heart trinket from totc 5 normal is beter then a Brewmaster one.

There are beter necklaces then that even the vendor one from conquest bagdes or Endurance of infernal if you need expertise instead of hit.

Missing Triumph sigil aswell.

Epic gems, don't want to see rare on a character that wants to progress, every lil bit helps.

3 stacks on 10 man? reduce to 2. Don't taunt after the debuff is gone, taunt before.

You won't get another stack before your falls off completely anyhow after a taunt, trust me on this. so taunt at 2 stacks off each other don't wait.

if armory would update my gear would finally show up as it is now, however in that kit unless it updates and then i'm using reckoning heroic and that's my new kit, i tanked up to anub'arak heroic succesfully on heroic 10.

And as above do 25 totc normal to get some easy upgrades, such as the legs or chest (pick one if you want T9 set bonus)

12-07-2009, 05:51 PM
Have you collected any parses, to pinpoint why is he dying?

His threat stats are low. Being blood, he depends on landing hits to regain health. What's his self-healing like?

Is he using his cooldowns effectively? A parse would help here too.

As for general changes:

The DK:
-Respec. Take out 3 points in sudden doom and take on 2 pts blood presence and mark of blood. Move the 2 points of Viscious Strikes into Epidemic.
-Reglyph. Icebound Fortitude is a PvP glyph, it's wasted if you have 540 defense. Go with Glyph of Dark Command on Gormok to ensure the taunt does not miss, or if that isn't an issue, go with either Rune Tap or Disease (maybe Rune Strike at the most)
-Make JC a priority. He needs the extra 63 stam from three Solid Dragon's eyes.
-Swap out the 24 stam gems for 30 stam gems
-I'd put either 30 stam gem on hands, or 10 expertise/15 stam if threat is an issue.
-Badge non-tier helm is probably better. it has expertise and more stamina.
-Upgrade the sigil to 245 version.

-Why do you have 24 crit to boots? You are probably better off with 22 stam. You have already gone with Pursuit of Justice.
-Why don't you have armor to gloves? 885 armor to gloves is something I would kill for (my tanks are not my engineers).
-Replace Holy Wrath with Vengeance Glyph.
-Try this spec. It's not the cookie cutter, but it's much closer to ideal and still somewhat resembles your current build. The key here is that you pick up Vindication, which unless you have a warrior throwing up improved demo shout or a ret pally doing this, you are missing from the raid. At level 80, it reduces bosses AP by 574 (and not the 46 you commonly see). This is pretty much a must to have in the raid. Divinity is a weak talent, it's been proven in various posts here to lead to more overhealing than actual usefullness.

12-07-2009, 07:41 PM
Thanks for the replies all. I often get the question about the crit on my boots, but that's an engineering toy more than anything else, it's for the rocket boots. Hard to pass up the fun tricks of engineering sometimes. The crit is a useless byproduct.

I have been thinking about changing my gloves to the armor, since threat never seems to be an issue for me.

I've been quite happy with my spec, but vindication is actually a good idea...

12-07-2009, 11:38 PM
The DK:
-Respec. Take out 3 points in sudden doom and take on 2 pts blood presence and mark of blood. Move the 2 points of Viscious Strikes into Epidemic..
2/2 Blood Presence is a complete waste, 4% of damage as healing will do nothing to save him. Use the points elsewhere.