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12-06-2009, 05:03 PM
I've made the biggest Raid and Dungeon Boss gag to help promote my guild, The Epic Phylactery of Arathor (6-10 pm PST Tuesday-Thursday)!

Friending the_epic_phylactery@yahoo.com will allow you to see:

--The trash talk between Tirion and The Lich King
--The gossip between the Keepers of Ulduar
--How mad everyone is at Yogg for finding influence tentacles everywhere
--Freya's "I hate men" blog
--The details of Freya and Auriaya's relationship
--The football picks of the bosses of Ulduar! Tirion's Saints are doing pretty well, even if it's just because the Redskins can't make an easy field goal! Gormok's Colts aren't doing too bad either. ;-)
--The details of the party in Vael's room...and you know Broodlord Lashlayer was there with his girlfriend, Onyxia (Katrina Prestor)
--Some brotherly love between the Lesnar family (Brock, Kologarn, and Ignis) and the Tinkertorque family (Mimiron, XT, and Flame Leviathan)
--Boss compaints about how OPed some player abilities are
--Boss complaints about how their abilities need buffs
--Bosses laughing at failed runs
--And much more!

See you on facebook! the_epic_phylactery@yahoo.com

Dylae, Guild Leader of <The Epic Phylactery> of US-Arathor, Pacific PvE

P.S. The permissions are all set to 'friends of friends' so friending the_epic_phylactery@yahoo.com is the only way to see them! Also, your page won't get spammed by the_epic_phylactery, most notifications are turned off.

P.P.S. @Ciderhelm--might I be able to get this into the news section?

12-06-2009, 05:04 PM
I don't even know what section this belongs under. Probably not general. I'm guessing for Off-Topic or Guild Recruitment.

I'll be sure to check this out though if I get some time and need a good laugh :D