View Full Version : DK Tank: Looking for a refresh after months away

12-05-2009, 09:34 PM
Hey guys, figured I'd come here and just drop a post and hope for some awesome responses from the ridiculous knowledge base here.

I was a fairly hardcore raider 2 years ago, running a lot of server firsts on Ghostlands during BC. Basically, due to my inconsistent work schedule I haven't raided or played consistently in Wrath. Blah blah, excuses, etc.

Here's what I'm looking for. I'm woefully out of date, and I'm hoping that you guys can provide me with a good point to start from. I would like to get into the content but I have no idea where my gear stands on the usability meter. I'm also not sure if my spec is as solid as it was say... 4 months ago.

Here's a quick snapshot of my Armory. (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Shadow+Council&n=Zabotel)

What changes would you recommend to my spec to get me into raiding? Where should I be looking for gear at this point? What resources can you point me toward so that I might learn to fish?

Any assistance is super appreciated. I'm a little intimidated by the world of "link your achievements" and "zomg you don't have enough hp to tank this".

-Nimos, aka Zabotel

PS: I've got 20 Triumphs, 13 Conquests, 13 Heroisms, and 84 Champion's Seals. I'm Herb/Insc with about 2500g. Just to give you a heads up on my available resources.

12-06-2009, 02:22 AM
I'm no expert on Blood tanking so I'll leave the spec critique to someone else.

One of the glaring problems with your gear is, you're using the wrong rune on your weapon. Use Stoneskin Gargoyle, always. The 2% stamina is better than 4% parry on its own, and then the 25 defense skill (not rating) will allow you to gem and enchant for other things than defense (like, stamina).

Your first Triumph purchase should definitely be the tank sigil. It has a fantastic uptime, and even in this crazy world of stamina stacking, 200 dodge is a LOT. Too much to ignore.

Other than that, I have a few nitpicks about enchants. Armsman is a fantastic glove enchant, the 2% threat makes a big difference (10 parry is just gravy). I'd also recommend replacing your boot enchant with Tuskarr's, although that can wait until you get a nice shiny epic (there are nice boots in regular ToC 5 man).

That's it. Replace your weapon enchant, and replace all the defense gems you don't need with stamina. If you're still over 540 by a significant margin after that, replace your chest enchant with +275 health or your cloak enchant with +225 armor.

Most importantly, don't let the Gearscore cancer get to you. People have unreasonable expectations of tanks these days, but I think if you farmed a few more conquest emblems and made the changes I recommend, you would be ready for 10 ToC normal (to be fair, it's very easy).