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12-03-2009, 09:18 PM
Please help me learn to tank. I have done lowbie regular instances no prob, but heroics, im called u suck etc, so until i learn to do it ill stick to dps/ and my hunter until i can learn my dual spec dk talent to tank.
In cos, for ex) i did ok till i would approach say 3 bosses-2 spiders and boss, but people were dying around me, i was not able to hold the aggro-im trying to figure out-do I simply go after one of them or do i need to hit all 3 asap to get agro to all 3 i seem to have tendancy to lose agro and not go after them and keep focused on guy im fighting. i am geared somewhat, t8 and t9 pieces both dps and tanking and 31,000 unbuffed 500 defence maxed out, and need some help so i dont look like a fool like today and piss ppl off. Please help me please...axtogrind on boulderfist:(

12-03-2009, 11:59 PM
link to your armory is better, and wrong forums, read rules, moderator is a ninja.


12-04-2009, 12:02 AM
First off, your defense is low. You need 535 defense for Heroics and 540 for Raids. Secondly, yes, you do need to hit all the mobs to hold aggro on them. For this purpose you have some AOE attacks like Death & Decay which you should use.

12-04-2009, 09:38 AM
Your armory would be helpful. What spec are you trying to tank as, i.e. Frost, Blood or Unholy? I would suggest starting out as Frost; in my opinion, it's the easiest for Heorics since you'll be pulling a lot of multi-mob trash.

First thing to remember, your job is "meat shield"; the mobs hit you so they don't hit the squishies in the back row, or the weaker plate up front. They hit you 'cause you make them angry. So front in your mind is what tools do I have have to grab aggro and hold it. They way I do it in Frost is; Death Grip a mob back into a circle of DnD, the other mobs will follow, when they get in range drop a Howling Blast - you now have diseases up on the mobs (if you glyphed Howling Blast) then pop Blood Boil; at this point they'll be pissed, trust me. Go into your rotation - Plague Strike, Icy Touch, Pestilence (keep spreading the love), Blood Strike, Blood Stirke, Obliterate. Use Frost Strike to burn runic power.

If you have multi mob aggro issues as you go through your rotation, use Blood Boil and Howling Blast and don't be scared to drop additional DnD's. Blood Boiling the diseases on the target really jumps the threat. (Great for Ony whelps and fun to watch).

Since your just starting off tanking, you want to get comfortable with all your tricks to grab and hold aggro. As you get comfortable and gear up, you can tone it down a bit and pull with just Howling Blast, or Icy Touch if you want. But for now, use every aggro tool you have so you understand the mechanics of pissing off mobs and keeping them pissed.

Understand, the gear levels are getting to the point where new tanks are running with dps that are, at times, far better geared; so someone will always pull aggro from you. I find it's a lot more frequent then back in the day. Always be ready with a Dark Command, a Death Grip, a Howling Blast + Blood Boil, etc.

I sure others will have more tips and some will disagree; keep an open mind and have fun. Also, check out some of the very good tanking guides on this website. There are some really great tanks (much better then me) here who enjoy giving advice.