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It was late at night and I was really tired, but decided to join a pug for a reg SP run on my ~60 Mage alt the other day. One of the people in the group was a 71 Hunter. He showed up to the instance PVP flagged. Out of nowhere this Horde druid comes and starts beating on him. The Druid is listed as ???, obviously an 80 though(had 40k + HP in bear form)....

Me(as I'm running into the instance): everyone run into instance to be safe
huntard dies
Huntard: WTF y u leave me alone w/ him
Me: why are you trying to fight a lvl 80?

no response. Instead he resses and...proceeds to fight the Druid again. ><

Me(clearly agitated at this point, like I said it was pretty late at night): why the fuck are you attacking him?
Huntard: i kno ur not cussing at me
Me: Who the fuck else would I curse at?
Huntard: STFU u dumb bitch ho cunt(insert more random swear words)
Me: Stop dying and wasting our time
Huntard: at least im tryina fight this guy not runnin away like a pussy bitch coward(more random swear words etc.)
Me: Why the fuck would I attack him and get myself killed?
Huntard: oh thats rite ur a lil lvl 62 bitch scrub lol i could prob whip ur ass in a duel maybe you should work your ass off to lvl like me
Me: Because leveling is serious business amirite?

By this point he shut his mouth and finally entered SP with the rest of us. Funny thing is I did more total damage than he did in the run as Frost spec. I was gunna link the meter too but after our 4th wipe on that one group of trash that fears before the last boss I decided to hearth/log.


Here's another one. This was a few months back, Emalon was only a couple of weeks or so old. I decide to get a pug going for 25m VoA. I told people that if we wiped due to low DPS I would kick the lowest DPS-ers. So after about two or three wipes I looked at my recount and saw a Warrior doing about 1.3k, worse than both tanks. He also died on the very first Lightning Nova every time. He promptly got the boot...

Scrub: WTF
Me: I said I would be kicking the lowest DPS
Scrub: i was dead
Me: Thats a shame.
Scrub: i wasnt even lowest dps wtf watever keep wiping nub
Scrub: (links 25m Emalon kill achievement)
Me: Grats on getting carried.
*scrub has ignored you*

We bring in a couple replacement DPS and end up one shotting it. Fucking fail pugs. SMH.