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12-02-2009, 04:05 PM
I just received a trophy to complete my 4set. I am having problem deciding between the helm and chest. I also just got the heroic 25 chest from beasts. I know the 4 set isn't the best for everything, but i would like opinions on what to replace for the fights I do want 4set bonus. I don't use the trinkets that are on armory(just for gear score), and i am probably going to change some chants like wep to mongoose. But any opinions on gem and chants is welcome also. Currently have tanked everything in WoLK up to heroic 25 twins(taking first shot at them tonight).

Thanks in advance

Nvm, the trinkets I use are updated........bad luck on drops.

12-03-2009, 02:48 PM
The ony25 helm that you have is stronger then the tier helm. The heroic 25 ToC chest is stronger then the tier chest... If you are really bent on getting the 4pc I would pickup the chest. The ony helm is significantly better then the tier option. However in your normal tanking set I would wear the ony helm + H 25 chest over the 4pc bonus...

If you replace that helm your hit is going to take a nosedive and even though I know that everyone on forums speak out against pally +hit and believe you can tank just as well with 0 hit but trust me there will be a noticeable difference when your actually tanking...

As for weapon enchant it is really a flavor choice. My guild's dps is stacked out in 258 gear so I typically go with +25hit/crit on my main weapon to try and sneak in a little extra tps here and there. Your enchants look fine and I like a pally with 2 agility gems for meta bonus... checkout +agility to gloves maybe a nice change if your not having threat issues.

12-03-2009, 10:49 PM
Thanks for the reply. I ended up going with the helm, that I will only end up using when i feal 4set is needed (so far it hasn't been needed). I also thought it may come in handy for building a block set later on for anub adds.
Now for the weapon, would +25hit/crit chant give more tps then mongoose? I may also just keep that weapon blade ward and then use the H AG for a threat weapon when I get it to drop.

12-04-2009, 08:51 AM
You are going to find it difficult to make an anub block set for anub adds with that helm :) T8 is a better choice all around. When you get to like 90% it starts to get pretty rough and you will want all the block % you can get your hands on.

character planner . faids . chardev seven (http://chardev.org/?profile=325354)

Thats my anub setup. You can switch in the ulduar 25 chest and .5 shoulders for a bit more but this gets me to 101.6 raid buffed w/ avoidance elixirs.

Mongoose imo is less for threat and more for avoidance except that it is unreliable. Dodge is already hit or miss and now you are adding a sometimes proc enchant to the mix. Sometimes it is good, most of the time its not.

Exceptional agility is most likely stronger as it is a static amount of avoidance/crit/armor.

I'd pick either the static agility or +hit/crit for my general use weapon and perhaps mongoose or one of the other flavor enchants onto a specialty weapon if you really want it.