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11-30-2009, 12:22 PM
Hey all,
When performing "world of log" analysis, what are things people look at.
When I tank (as a warrior) I tend to look at things like "demo shout" and
thunderclap uptime, the ratio of heroic strikes to melee, and the
#of shield slams and devastates.

I also take a quick glance at damage taken and healing done, though to
be honest, healing done seems mostly meaningless unless you have 2
comparably geared healers of the same spec performing the same role.

Is there a nice WoL analysis guide? If not, what do others look at
and which type of comparisons do you perform.

and apologies in advance if I missed a link to such a guide.

11-30-2009, 12:35 PM
I know that somewhere on here there's one about healing WoLs but idk about tanking. WoL has their own forums that *might* have the information you're looking for. Personally for looking at tanking things, I'd just check total uptime on things like Infected Wounds, Thunderclap, Demo shout/roar. Also take a look at your damage taken graph, see if there are huge spikes and see what caused them.

Oh and check uptime on buffs from your healers, ex. Ancestral Healing/Inspiration and things like Renewed Hope if you have a disc priest.

11-30-2009, 03:56 PM
Yeah, usually if I'm looking at a log analysis I'm looking for something specific. I think there is too much info on it to just look at everything and get some good info. Pick something that you want to see how you are doing, and look for it. Everytime I look at a log I usually look for something different, then I see how I am doing with that and select something else. If I'm not dying and the healers aren't running out of mana, then I take a look at dps and see if they are getting capped by threat, etc.

Really it is just a lot of information to say "I want to see how I'm doing." That question can be answered easily by "Did I die?" If yes - Consult the log and look for the reason you died. If No- Pick something you think you could do better and check the log for it. Usually if I'm looking at DPS it's a lot easier to interpret than if I'm looking at myself as a tank.

11-30-2009, 11:42 PM
Generally I look at something specific. When I'm tanking I compare damage taken from week to week to gauge my gear choices. I also check avoidance numbers on specific bosses to determine if I need to use more expertise for one boss etc.

When I'm healing I check overall healing performance per boss, when I used specific cooldowns, mana regen from all sources, and ratio of spells used.

I also sometimes check specific dps numbers to see if someone is not pulling their weight, not changing targets, or has poor gear stats (low hit/expertise).

There's little point reading a WoL log unless you are looking for something specific.