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11-30-2009, 04:10 AM
Ok first of all thanks in advance for your comments / criticsm. I have a level 80 boomkin on Emerald Dream EU server, as far as im concerned my gear is pretty good and i have been told by guildies i should easily be pulling over 5k dps in 10 man raids, I can barely seem to scratch 4k :eek:, i mean heres a link to armory ...

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Emerald+Dream&n=Praevius)

Any help and advice will be much appreciated, i have not specced balance of power or IFF, as with my gear without gemming im at 19% hit as it is :confused: , i try to focus on "eclipse"rotation wherever possible and by keeping trees and sarfall up on there CD's. I know im doing somthing wrong just please help me out :) thankyou fellow gamers .

12-01-2009, 11:42 AM
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12-01-2009, 12:33 PM
Lets see here.

1. You are over hit capped, by a lot. Drop your hit rating to 14% and pick up Improved Faerie Fire again. Never go above 14% as a Balance druid because you should always have Improved Faerie Fire.
Here is a little number crunching for you. Even with your 19+% hit rating, and you wouldn't gain any from Improved Faerie Fire. The 1% crit you gain from 1 point spent in this talent is greater than all 5 of the points you spent in Genesis. Which brings me to point two.

2. Drop Genesis talent, or at least some of the points in it. This is the weakest talent in the balance tree which affects your DPS. The two piece bonus of tier 7 or tier 9 bump it up to the second worst, just above Brambles. You actually gain about 8-9 dps per point you spend in Genesis. You gain about 50 dps per point you spend in Improved Faerie Fire even if it only gives you 1% crit.

3. The only pure yellow gem that should ever be used by a Balance druid is Rigid, however even in that context it would be better to have two Veiled cuts than one Rigid cut. Hit is the only yellow socket ever worth putting in a pure gem for. Haste or Crit should only be used with hybrid gems because Spell power is always better than Crit and Haste is only better than spell power if you are under the haste soft cap which is quite easy to get.
On this same note, a PvE balance druid should never have a Green (Yellow+Blue) hybrid gem, ever. Blue sockets should be Purified or Nightmare Tear. You also have a blue socket that has an MP5 gem in it? Because you have a 30% conversion of spirit to spellpower you should always have Spirit in a blue socket, never MP5. MP5 is the one caster stat as a Balance druid you should absolutely avoid.

4. Until 3.3 hits, I'll quote the author of EJ's WrathCalcs (moonkin DPS spreadsheet). "Nothing beats two piece T8". If you have two pieces of T8, you should be using 2 pieces of T8 and two pieces of T9 for the highest benefit. To put it in some perspective, 4 piece T9 for me is about 175 DPS gain. 2 piece T8 is 450+ DPS gain. The magnitude of the set bonus difference greatly surpasses the difference in stats.

5. Enchants. Bracer and Shoulder enchants can be upgraded.

6. Both trinkets are kinda weak. If you have lower item level alternatives like Illustration of the Dragon Soul or Eye of the Broodmother, both of those would be significant upgrades over what you are using.

7. You have several cloth pieces in your gear makeup which might simply be because that's all you have for options, however both these pieces have hit rating on it and if you took these pieces simply to avoid taking a leather piece that had Spirit on it, you made a mistake. Spirit while it is a low priority stat is still way better than Hit rating is when you are over hit capped.

12-01-2009, 12:59 PM
Also, under what context are you doing 4k DPS. The context of the fight differs a bit.

Just self buffed, your DPS comes out to about 5k DPS on WrathCalcs, which is a relatively idealistic number. Full raid buffs and debuffs (which is unlikely in a 10 man but reasonable in a 25 man) you come out to around 6.8k DPS on WrathCalcs. Again, that is an idealistic number.