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11-25-2009, 12:51 AM
I currently have 52 Emblems of Triumph and 43 Emblems of Conquest. Should I buy the gloves, knowing that they could drop in VoA, and keep going with Conquest to get my 8.5 helm before 3.3, or buy something else with the triumphs and downgrade the Conquests to fix one of my other gear holes (cloak, belt, bracers)? I figure the regular 5 mans in 3.3 will have opportunity to upgrade a lot of my remaining ilvl 200 stuff, but I am trying to put myself in the best position possible to be able to be reliable DPS for my guild's raids.

Our guild lacks in Rogues, but is abundant in Feral Druids. Should I look into going Fury? I have the sword from 10m Ony, but don't know if I should just stick to Arms for the debuffs, or if Fury would even net me higher DPS at this point.

Thanks in advance.

11-25-2009, 05:06 AM
I would get the T8.5 helm and t9 hands 2 get 2 pc t8 and t pc t9 bonus.

If your guild has feral druids than they already have the 5% crit buff so fury wont help with buffs and debuffs. Also at your gear level arms will give you more dps than fury TBH, but use the spec which you love playing dont go by DPS.

After those 2 pieces you should work on your trinkets first, Run reg TOC to get banner of victory and buy the other trinket from emblem vendor.

You are not hit-capped, I suggest get to 264 hit ASAP. After than start filling gaps in your gear with conquest emblems and use triumph for upgrades.

11-25-2009, 05:22 AM
i would go for the t9 helm since you are low on hit and the tier helm will give you enough to where you can replace one of your hit gems and still be capped. this can possibly save you badges in case the gloves drop out of voa for you.

you should definitely replace your trinkets too, try getting the banner of victory from reg toc 5 man and pick up a nobles card. the nobles card is arguably bis until trial 25 death's choice.

for your conquest badges, you should get the valor badge cloak, its a nice upgrade over the one you're currently using. or you could buy the plate dps gloves with conquest badges if you usually dont have alot of luck with voa drops (the haste on your gloves is very lackluster for arms).

as for which spec you should be, since there are hardly no rogues to provide the 4% physical damage buff (combat rogues/arms warrior buff only) you should stay arms. plus with all the ferals in your raids, having you trauma-bot for them will greatly increase their dps. the dps they gain not having to mangle will more than likely outweigh your personal dps gain of going fury.

11-25-2009, 08:50 AM
Thanks. I actually am hit capped now, due to getting the neck for turning in Ony's head, but it's not showing on the armory for some reason. I was actually considering the t9 hat over the t8 and grabbing cloak or gloves elsewhere so I could drop most of my hit gems.

I also have another question and don't want to start another thread, as it's related. I have the 232 sword from Ony, but haven't really used it due to the stigma that sword spec has carried for a long time. Is it worth going to a pretty nice 232 sword over a 219 axe? I am thinking it may work out, since I can use freed gem slots for some of the lost crit.

11-25-2009, 06:01 PM
you will see a dps gain if you move to the higher tier sword. it's just that if the axe and sword are the same ilvl, the axe will win out.