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11-21-2009, 03:00 PM
Don't want to reinvent the wheel here, looking for advice about gbank management from experienced guild leaders/members. A few questions:

1. How do you decide who to spend scarce enchant mats on? Looking for a fair, transparent, systematic way, but there's apparently no EPGP or similar for that.

2 How do you decide who gets what level of access to various tabs?

11-21-2009, 05:07 PM
Generally length-of-time in the guild dictates the level of access a member has, excluding officers etc.

11-21-2009, 07:49 PM
Our guild functions along the "God helps those who help themselves" philosophy. Unwanted gear that drops in 5 mans is blown up by the enchanter present and everyone /rolls for it. If no enchanter is present we /roll for the cash sale value. Even in ten man groups stuff is distributed then & there, allowing those who worked for it a better chance to get it.

Despite the massive size of my guild (200+ accounts), the GM's wife uses pencil & paper to track who requested what from the guild bank and who got it. That said, most of the items that go in & out of the bank are recipes & BoE purple gear, making the same individual a recipient twice in a row unlikely.

All greens & most blues that get donated are blown up for mats, mats are sold on AH & the cash goes into the guild bank. All the junky stuff that gets tossed into the guild bank is sold the same way.

Back in the day when there were mats of limited availability (core leather, eternium ore from BWL, etc.) each member requesting had to tell what they were going to make with it and it had to be for their main character, not for sale or alts. These requests were prioritized by raid participation & attendance. The list was made public on the guild website. Today that is no longer an issue.

Gold, in turn, gets spent on repairs incurred during raids on new content, fun events for the guild, and (shhhh!) occasionally Officer Christmas bonuses.

02-10-2010, 12:39 AM
I have two dedicated guild bankers (set up as a separate rank set up to withdraw from the gbank). We have bought all the tabs for the gbank and the 1st tab is for deposits only. The whole guild (except initiates) can see what's in the gbank, but no one can take anything.

On our website we have a Guild Bank Request forum. If anyone wants something from the gbank, they reply to the post there and one of the two guild bankers responds by sending that item to the member at a discounted price. This way we know who requests what from the gbank and there's no thieving going around. It also protects us in case an account gets hacked, as only me and the 2 guild bankers have access. With the forum being an open forum, people are careful not to exploit the amount of requests that are made.

We're still looking at a proper rewarding system for people who contribute. But so far the reward that the contributing people get is receiving items at half the current ah price. And so far, so good :)

02-10-2010, 03:08 AM
Cannot go trough pros and cons but we settled on:

Vault (recepies & BoE and some valuable stuff) Me and Deputy
Mats (Enchanting Mats and Gems, in stocks) Me and Deputy
Pots and Flasks (Raiders withdraw 1 stack per day)
Gear enchance (Mats for enchants) stacks of 2 abyss/2essence/5 dusts (raiders can withdrew 1-2 per day, or ask directly on forum if they need it fast)
Donations (deposit only) Me and Deputy
FFA tab (self explanatory)