View Full Version : [PVE]Arms Warrior Upgrade Advice

11-21-2009, 08:44 AM
Hello, I play an Arms warrior in raid and tank on off nights. My guild currently runs 10TOTC / 10ONY with the 25 man versions usually being pugged (small but efficient guild, I did the big raiding guild in bc and quite enjoy the 10MAN experience.) The guild wants to run TOTGC but I feel my dps is a let down. I've got the rotation down its just gear and uptime (and internet - Aussies eh) which need the improving. Don't really know which fight best displays dps but I guess I sit around 4.1k on the normal 80 dummy after a few minutes of settle time.

I'm having a difficult time deciding on what to upgrade, with an abundance of choices, I'm also finding obvious upgrades to be undermined by a sincere lack of expertise and hit. So I come to you guys for some help, currently have 59 badges of conquest and 81 Badges of Triumph.

Thanks for any help :)


11-22-2009, 12:58 PM
I'm having a bit of trouble finding your gear on the armory since you logged out in protection spec and gear, and WoW-Heroes seems to think you have two 2-handers. Would you mind logging out in your arms spec and gear? Thanks :)