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11-20-2009, 01:23 PM
the use of online parsers has become almost a standard for most PvE guilds out there. the power of these utilies are vast and incredibly useful if you know what to look for.

the goal of this thread is to be a place where people can discuss what they/their guilds look for in their parses to get the most out of them. I plan on probably editing this post as people post things so there can be an organized list of things you can look for.

You can post anything regarding parses, from what you look for related to you, or seeing who was slacking in the raid.

so lets get started shall we?

One place I personally had a ton of fun analyzing parses what when my guild was learning heroic 25 twins. this is is because depending on your strat the damage you take can be directly linked to what you do (meaning you are accountable for nearly all damage you take).

In our strat we would have people who got light/dark touch'ed clear their debuffs as fast as possible. by looking at how many times they got the debuff and how much damage they took I was able to calculate a lot of things (sadly I can't link the original parse because it has expired :( sorry) :

Avg. dmg per avg. ticks per Average uptime per
Name Application # of applications Application application in seconds
Schlarb: 46,830 7 9.71 19.46
Narayan: 31,353 4 6.50 13.45
Noodledoodle: 26,014 7 5.71 12.96
Pontifex: 24,730 1 5.00 9.90
Zipo: 18,417 3 4.00 10.43
Olldrac: 18,194 6 4.33 12.75
Monmoth: 16,066 14 3.50 7.89
Mairyonette: 15,855 6 4.00 9.10
Taij: 14,986 7 3.29 8.63
Zate: 11,132 7 2.43 5.69
Pferox: 11,025 3 2.33 6.16
Athanyel: 10,925 13 2.08 5.14
Makoro: 10,179 9 2.11 5.20
viodia: 9,239 7 2.00 6.74
Menelaz: 8,913 7 2.00 4.60
Hiromi: 7,126 5 1.60 3.56
Vindra: 6,525 5 1.60 4.34
Obstacle: 6,225 5 1.60 3.78
Xplotion: 6,212 3 1.66 4.06
Aquasheepa: 5,943 4 1.25 3.40
Thegreatme: 5,642 6 1.16 3.05
Fireatwill: 5,371 7 1.16 2.91
Sky: 5,241 4 1.25 3.50
Poseidondd: 3,812 9 0.77 2.67

__________________________________________________ __________________

With this info we were able to tell who was failing at clearing their debuffs and who wasn't and then act accordingly to who was in the group the next night

I also did some calculations involving how many wrong color orbs each person was taking damage from per attempt but it was directly correlated to how long the person was alive (longer life = more damage taken) so I won't post that data.

Other things I look at when analyzing parses for my self and other fury warriors is the ideal number of WW/BT uses compared to the actual number of uses in relation to their active DPS time. I also will check how many slams were used in relation to how many times bloodsurge proc'ed.

When analyzing my DPS I will check what buffs I had and what the uptime on each buff was.

A big thing that my guild looks at for our DPS is target switches. weather it be snobolds on beasts or portals on jaraxxus, we anaylze who who did the least ammount of damage to adds and why, we check their DPS time on the adds, compare their number of abilities used to other people of the same class that were in the raid, were there extenuating circumstances like getting legion flame, etc.

For fights like anub'arak it is my job to demo shout the adds when they get in range, and do my best to not let it fall (vindication screws with it because it overrides demo shout but only lasts 10 seconds and not 45). to do this I look at things like this:
World of Logs - Real Time Raid Analysis (http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/3t4kwc9hgogwvvws/details/137/?s=7042&e=7537)

Now because the % uptime is calculated based on total combat time I look at the uptime of deadly poison because we have our rogues run out to TotT the burrowers when they start running in, so it is going to basically be the highest uptime possible.

From this I can see that when you combine the uptime of vindication with the uptime of demo shout, the burrowers have some form of AP reduction debuff on them nearly the entire time they were up, which is what I want.

There are tons of different ways of analyzing parses... if you think there is anything special that you/your guild does that you think might help other guilds out post it here. I will be editing this post to add some other things that my guild does when I remeber them.