View Full Version : ToGC25 Champs - Hybrid Prot/Holy Spec help

11-18-2009, 09:44 AM
For our ToGC25 FC strat, I stick on hybrid gear (4/5 245 prot tier, couple other prot pieces, and tons of MP5 gear) and use a mouseover macro to dispel the raid.

In my role...

* I usually average a dispel every 2-4 seconds over the entire encounter, with enough downtime to cast an occasional "Oh @#$?", anti-snare, or flash heal.
* I never get low on mana
* I can make out with any of the Champs' melee DPS without getting a hickey

Our raid's main causes of death/annoyances are generally:

* Loose melee due to a CC/kill on the assigned snare
* Healers are unable to keep up when champs split to a primary and secondary kill target (EX: FC rogue w/ hand of freedom on our warlock, rest of them on our rogue)
* FC Healers & Pets get a few seconds of teehee time

I've been trying to look into a way to increase my raid utility as a prot/holy hybrid for this fight by reducing the talent waste from staying in my normal spec for threat/mitigation. I've been trying to develop a spec and have found 2 options I liked and wanted to get some input from some other players on which trade-offs they'd take and why.

Healing build (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sxAdxh0sVzZxGtAruM0c)
CC/Survivability build (http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#sxAd0hbZxGtAruM0sckfb)

I'm also open to suggestions on other builds, but would like to keep enough in prot for ardent defender; if I die it gets ugly and I want a crutch.

....anybody? too early for a bump >.<