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11-17-2009, 07:11 AM
I've been in a fairly starter guild in terms of progression for the last 6 months or so. I only dinged 80 about 2 months ago, but I went all out and tried to gear myself up as quickly as possible (at one point, I was 10th best geared in the guild, outgearing toons that had been 80 for months). We moved away from doing HCs and started doing 10 man progression, starting with naxx. The raids were typically never organised days or weeks in advance, but with a pool of approximately 40 or so 80s, competition for places was pretty strong. Given that I was relatively decently geared and one of only a handful of healers, I thought that I would get to go, especially if I signed up for them. What happened, however, was that the scheduled raid would last from 7pm - 12am, and at that point, whatever we hadn't cleared would be done the next night. Because it hadn't been put up on the guild calender though, I hadn't cleared my own schedule for it, and would therefore miss the raid. I missed about 2 wings of Naxx because of this, and was only involved in clearing some of the plague quarter and Kel.

I kept relatively quiet about this until last Saturday, when I logged on to check my AH mail, and lo and behold, 10 of my guildies were working on clearing Uld, and had been for the past few nights, without it going up on the gcalandar. In my semi-enibriated state, I caused quite a fuss on gchat, saying that it was unfair I was missing a raid because it hadn't been put on the raid calandar. I logged off unclear as to whether the original 10 would carry on clearing on Sunday (when I couldn't attend), or whether they would continue on Monday. As it was, I logged in last night, tried to apologise for my outburst to those concerned, and while most understood where I was coming from, I couldn't help the feeling that there was a bit of hostility involved. Added to the fact that when I logged on, apparently the guild had been waiting for me to come on so they could start, and then I said I could only give about 2 hours to raiding, put some people's backs up even more.

Am I being unreasonable that even though I might not be able to attend each and every raid every single organised event, if we're doing progression nights, then they should be scheduled, and all eligible 80s have a shot (depending on gear) to attend? If I don't even know about it, then how can I go?

Of course, getting drunk and calling out guildies is not a wise thing to do... Thing is, I love my guild I'm in. We have a great time, but it seems we're having difficulty doing the transistion to a heroic guild to a progression guild. My antics on Saturday night makes me feel like I'm rocking the boat somewhat, which I don't want to do.

11-17-2009, 07:47 AM
I can certainly understand your frustration.

On the surface it does sound a little unfair to those that want to raid. Obviously, knowing ahead of time can help you plan your RL better to meet the guild's need for raiders. Honestly, if you want to raid in this guild and your guild is indeed committed and wants to make the transition, then events have to be scheduled in some means.

I'd certainly refrain from anymore guild chat rants while drinking, it will only hurt you in other people's eyes. I'd simply talk to your GM or RL in private and ask him what the deal is, what are his/her expectations of a raider in your guild and where you fit in that plan. It could be a case of too many healers, it could be a gearing issues or group makeup. Or maybe to them a skill issue or lack of time to commit. (No offense, I'm just merely speculating on possibilities)

No matter what the case is, its better for you to find out early and make decisions accordingly. There's alot of competition for raid spots and no matter what guild it is, it's impossible to make everyone happy.

You said you have about 40 or so 80s on that want raid? Surely you could get a 25 man group together with some people alternating weeks or as backups. Or maybe 2-3 10 man groups.

If they are not willing to put scheduled raids on the calendar, then to me it a kin to them trying to hide it from people and only take certain players. In the end that sounds like breeding ground for alot of resentment and unhappy people. Not the sort of guild I would want to be in.

11-17-2009, 08:10 AM
Thanks for your comments dirt, and i have been thinking quite hard about what I want to do, and I'm tempted to leave behind on the raiding part atm, and just concentrate on grinding EoCs and EoTs in the daily heroics (not that I really want to do this). I also want to get my epic flying before cata comes out.

As for the drunken raid rant, it was the rugby on Saturday and I watched my team win, so I was in relatively high spirits. My intention was simply to go on and check my mail, and not to go on a ranting spree. I'm pretty embarrassed about it tbh, and I'm positive I would've followed through with your own suggestion if I hadn't been out during the day. I'm 99.9% of the time a fairly level headed individual with a good sense of 'team spirit', but it's going to get to the point where Ulduar is cleared and noone will want to go back (just like what happened with Naxx). In the end, I'll be left grinding EoCs and EoTs for days on end trying to upgrade my ilevel200 blue shoulders that I got off the AH... :(

11-18-2009, 08:00 AM
Have you considered arranging your own runs within the guild? Then you can set fixed times in the calendar well ahead.

It sounds strange that no one is interested in running Naxx or Ulduar if you have such a big pool of level 80s.