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11-14-2009, 04:07 PM
ok so iam finaly getting into the world of tanking. i have a 80 DK and a 74 warrior, i chose my warrior cause i like DPSing on my DK and dont see alot of DKs get in raids as MT, not sure why might just be picky people on my server but w/e.

i looked in the guides section on this site and found it amazingly helpful i easily found a good spec, rotation, and what to inspect during different incounters i have tanked 4 instances total so far ( yay me ) and havent had an issue except in AN at first boss but healer said iam kinda imped there w/o herioc throw..the only other problem iam having and why i posted is i need some advice on keybindings. i used to have a Zfang but it broke, well stopped working. and now i find myself clicking again like before i got it :( it is killing my TPS i was wonderin if some people could post thier keybinding so i could get some ideas to work with and find which suits me best.

thank you in advance,

11-14-2009, 04:32 PM
My keybinds are
2-Shield Slam

A-Strafe Left
D-Strafe Right

Shift1-Last Stand
Shift2-Demo Shout
Shift4-Shield Wall
Shift5-Shield Block

E-Spell Reflect
R-Enraged Regneration
Mouse Button 3-Concussion Blow
Mouse Button 4-Shield Bash
Shift S-Warbringer Macro
Alt1-Challenging Shout

Everything else I just click, the main thing is keeping every thing easily reachable by your hand that is not on the mouse. I wouldn't recommend going past 6 for the numbers because occasionally you will have to stretch and miss a GCD. That being said I highly recommend using shift, it's very convenient because all you have to do is hold down your pinky finger.

11-14-2009, 05:59 PM
krc: you don't have anything bound to 1? No love for the pinky finger man!!

Anyways, KRC's keybinds seem pretty solid. I'll go ahead and post my keybinds so that you can kinda see what works best for you.

1: devastate
2: heroic strike (sometimes will switch with cleave)
3: revenge
4: shield slam
5: conc blow
6: shield block
7: zerker range
9/r/t: taunt (it just happens to be on 9 on my dominos mod, and bound it to both r and t so I could just kinda flail my index finger around there and hit taunt regardless of any fat fingering mistakes)
q: trinket cooldown
e: shockwave
F1: last stand
`: vigilance
Capslock: Frag Grenade
z: commanding shout
x: auto attack
v: spell reflect macro
mouse 4: oh sh** button (is bound to pots/health stones/enraged regen)
mouse 5: pummel/shield bash macro
f: thunder clap
shift f: heroic throw/charge macro
shift e: heroic throw
shift 1: charge
shift 2: battle shout
shift 3: demo shout
shift 4: bloodrage
control v: target/focus/mark macro. I also have 1,2,4-9 bound on the keypad to the various raid markings.
g: set focus

Intimidating shout and challenging shout are out there somewhere but I usually click them, I should probably bind shield wall, but I don't so that I don't accidentally fat finger it and waste it instead of a time when I might need it.

Also: a lot of people bind mouse wheel down to heroic strike and mouse wheel up to cleave. This way they can instantaneously switch between the two. I, on the otherhand, have an obsessive habit with zooming in and out, so unfortunately that plan hasn't worked out too well for me.

11-14-2009, 06:18 PM
thank you for posting i have made a child from both of your keybindings lol, only a temp thing until after christmas and i can get my hands on another Zfang lol.

11-17-2009, 04:10 PM
It's always interesting for me to see other people's keybinds. The key is to find something that is comfortable for you. Just because it works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for you. I'm not sure why but it seems I use my mouse buttons more than most people.

a-Strafe Left
d-Strafe Right

MB4: Shield Slam
MB5: Revenge
Shift MB4: Shield Bash
Shift MB5: Shockwave
Control MB4: Warbringer Macro
Control MB5: Shieldwall
MW Forward: Heroic Strike
MW Backward: Cleave

`: Last stand
1: Taunt
2: Shield Block
3: Heroic Throw
4: Throw
5: Spell Reflect
9: Bloodrage
-: Challenging Shout
=: Vigilance
e: Demorializing Shout
f: Devastate
r: Disarm
q: Concussion Blow

Shift 1: Mocking Blow
SHift 2: Enraged Regeneration
Shift 3: Battle Shout
Shift 4: Commanding Shout
Shift e: Berserker Rage
Shift f: Thunderclap
Shift r: Healthstone
Shift q: Every man for Himself