View Full Version : 3.1 DK Effect Health Build

11-11-2009, 10:37 AM
Hey everyone, i've been a blood tank for a while now due to the importance of effective health in tanking. Now that my gear is on the top end now though, i find that i have awesome amounts of avoidance, armor and of course, HP. However, i feel quite underwhelmed with the Blood tree tanking abilities such as vampiric blood, so i've considered switching to a spec that grabs Veteran of the Third War while also using the more useful tanking ability in the Unholy Tree: Bone shield. My fear though is that while my effective health and surival will be better than ever (due to my high avoidance making bone shield last even longer), my threat is going to suffer so much that it'll be unviable. This is the spec that i've come up with so far:


Any suggestions on points to move around so that i can keep this setup, while maximizing my threat so that it doesn't suffer too much? Obviously i don't expect to do the same threat as a pure unholy or blood spec tank but as i am currently i can keep 40% ahead of even our top dps in threat, which i find to be a bit much. My aim is to be able to keep a comfortable 15-20% threat lead while having max survival. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.