View Full Version : DPS'ing as DW Frost

11-11-2009, 03:08 AM
First off, here's my gear & spec:
WoW Heroes - World of Warcraft PvE character info & ratings (http://www.wow-heroes.com/index.php?zone=eu&server=Neptulon&name=Gulyabani)

I'm linking wow-heroes as i usually tank when i'm on this toon. But lately i'm ending up in dps situtations where i need to do a lot better.

With 10man raid buffs i can pull off 4K+ dps usually. My problem is, i need to get it up to 5K+ range. I have a bunch of Triumph badges that i can spend on dps gear but i need advice on a few questions before i invest:

a) Any spec improvements? I'm on the cookie cutter 3/53/15 build. I cant afford to lose subversion as if i'm dps'ing on my dk, it means i'm not on my warrior, tanking, which means threat IS an issue :P The real question is, how useful is Necrosis and where else can i invest those 5 points. I'm looking at my damage meters and showing necrosis damage at about 0.2% dps contribution. That's too low for 5 talent points.

b) Rotation improvements. Currently i'm using IT - PS - BSx2 - Obl - FS - Oblx3 (or HB if rimed, FS if runes on cooldown) - FS dump - refresh diseases. I fully refresh diseases as icy talons dont kick in if i refresh with pestilence or HB Glyph. It's a tight rotation but i can pull it off regularly. One question i have is by the time i FS dump, all my diseases have run out. Is it worth dumping the FS with no disease and no hastebuff, or just forget it & restart the rotation, excess RP be damned? Or is there something else i'm doing horribly wrong?

c) Hitrating. I know, i'm way over softcap. Currrently, with talents, etc, i have enough hit to be spell hitcapped, which is nice as i never need to think about diseases not landing. We usually dont have a spriest in our raids so it's all up to me. I'm not specially seeking out hitrating but most gear i have access to has a ton of it. Should i specifically go for rogue-ish gear with agiliy & Armorpen instead? This question is pertinent as i'm about to buy some triumph gear and there are several pieces to choose from. ilvl 232 tier gear has more balanced stats while the ilvl 245 nonset gear looks way better but carries a ton of hitrating and no Armorpen.

d) Weapons choise. I know slow/slow is best, that's what i'm using. However, I happened to grab 2x 1.5 speed ilvl 245 weapons that nobody wanted. I thought the dps increase from ilvl 219 to ilvl 245 would offset the softer hits. Instead, all my rotation got horribly messed up. I ended up without runes, without rp, just standing there. The regular frost dps rotation i use felt extremely clumsy and useless. I cant find an explanation but i tried it over a few times and it always ended up a mess. Is there another dps rotation people have tested out that works better with faster weapons? (putting the 245 fast weapon on the offhand worked a lot better though)

As this is my Alt's Offspec, i really dont have the time to play around with it enough to find out on my own. Thanks for reading the wall o' text :P