View Full Version : prot pally help.

11-09-2009, 05:14 PM
Alright I am new to this site, my brother told me about it, and I have already gained a lot of info from this site. For that I wish to say thank you up front.

Now my question today deals with my spec build for the most part. There are times that I am having problems with hold agro off people, now I have been told, that because I am a pally I will sometimes have that problem, even more so if I am out geared, I am told, now this could be wrong, that for a pally to be a good higher end tank it all comes down to having all the good gear. Now I am not there just yet, I am still finishing up getting the gear from heroics and suchs, I haven't hit ten mans or 25 mans yet. So it really comes down to at this moment is if there are anything you guys might be able to help me with when it comes to my build.

Whozero, us, Azuremyst

that is where I can be found. I once again thank you ahead of time for any help you guys can toss my way.

Any gear info would help to, but I know that just comes from finding the right groups to get into the things I need, to get the gear I need.

Another question is should I have my hit rating capped out? I have only been 80 for like four weeks, maybe a little longer, not truly sure.

Once again thank you.