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11-08-2009, 02:39 PM
OK So I have started to gather gear and stuff to run heroics and other dugneons. I have been kicked out of many groups cause I am unable to hold the aggro. I talked to people and my rotation is good from what they say . But I know my gear not the best and I am unable ot get the runs for proper gear. I don't have a complete set of gear for DPS either..
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Dragonmaw&n=Animeghoul) This is my main toon. I spend most the time I got either mining and running dailies. IN th past I always ran by myself and would do the dugneos later on just for the rep. I am unable to hold the aggro in 5 man runs ( am figuring it cause I am not got the weapon right or it possible that th DPS is better geared. ) I have no problem tanking regular Toc and done well in Heroic TOC. The guild i am a member of does not really care and I consider looking for a guild that would help me get set up better, and help me with tanking. What possible ideal or places should I consider looking to gather gear Soloing. ( not that ther much lol) I do spend most of my day when playing just flying around gathering ore cause people consider my gear /stats a joke. I do prefer to use either a 1h weapon and shield or 2x1h weapons cause the slow swing speed of 2h are not worth it to me ( since only 2h I got is the one I made using Titansteel rescipe for basic BS.

11-08-2009, 03:04 PM
You have better gear than me and I have no trouble getting groups. But yes, you should take some sort of tanking weapon. The dps weapon you have now is more of a rogue weapon anyway. If you get a tanking weapon you might be able to discard some defense gems and enchants and get some stamina gems and change your meta gem to the 32 stamina + 2% armor from items one. Also helm/bracers/shoulders enchants should be tank focused, instead of pvp/dps focused. Get your Argent Crusade rep to Revered, your Sons of Hodir rep to Exalted and buy a +40 stamina enchant for those expensive bracers. :P

11-08-2009, 08:33 PM
yeah i got the enchant and it wil ltake me a whiel to get the rep up. I worknigon them as much as I can.. As for weapon the guy that been helping me has me working on gettingthe ax at the sunrever tent in TOC I gotten tothe valinet badges and in another 3 -4 days depending on the amount of time i work on it I should have the axe that has defense. I just little worried that the lost in damage per secon will keep me out of group after that. I am worknigon my other toon as my JC I figure i cna get by being my own supply for JC and such since i don't really need the mana and spell power gems this way I can save on rescipes and gems until I maxed out or get bored.

Are they any possible addond ( outside of recount, atlas loot, gather and quest helper) that make tanking easier ( like auto buffs and stuff?) I always played solo games like mechwarrior diablo, diablo 2.. I never cared for the online parts ( back then a dial up was a night mare )

11-08-2009, 09:12 PM
ummm...yea, not sure where to start. Im hoping your gear choices on the pvp arent currently what you are tanking in. However, thats not my concern for your threat. Omen3 add on will help you look at your threat, this can help. What is your rotation for single target or multi mob adds? Also, instead of gathering just go out and do some normal dungeons to get some experience tanking, even if its a level 75 instance or lower. You wont be able to get real threat numbers out of these interactions but im thinking it will help in the long run if you really want to be a tank(and be taken seriously).

As for your spec-take out pts in rend, bloodrage, and puncture. put those pts in imp revenge, incite, and vigilance. Vigilance can be crucial to your threat early on, gives you nearly 10% threat from the person you give the buff to.

11-09-2009, 05:25 AM
my rotataion is ( the ynot spelled right so dn't flip lol only up 20 mintues this moring)
devatate( applys 2 sunder) thunder clap,shield bash, shield slam, cleave and then shock wave . Then I toss in whatever I can whiel these are cooling down. most the theim it mocking blow or heroic strike. I also try to cuncussion a target at some point. I don't want to respect until I got somone that tanking ( ther to give m pointers) I spent well over 300 gold in respecting. I am doing dailies andsuch but i not getting large gold amounts saved up since i send most the ore to my DK

Vigilance this will be one I got ot learn to use as i not used it ( maily cause i told to go kill and that what I do I don't know all the buff like this one I need to get a group and work on it ( I guessign this is something i place on another player( healer) like they can do with their bluffs??
You got ot figure out of 80 levels I prolly only leveled 12 with another perosn helping/group. the rest I done while soloing quest.

11-09-2009, 05:45 AM
If in doubt, put Vigilence on the healer. It's what I always did in heroics.

Do you have Concussive Blow? It does a decent amount of damage and threat, even if it's against a stun immune boss.

And what's your AoE rotation/priority? Thunderclap is essentially a must as an opening attack. Charge (preferably against a caster/healer), Thunderclap, wheel around behind the mob (making the whole pack usually turn as well), Shockwave, Shield Slam, tab to next target (usually the most dangerous melee, or another caster), Concussive Blow. When you have enough rage, start hitting Cleave every single swing. And interupt every spell that a mob tries to cast either with Shield Bash or with a stun.

Use Shield Block if the mobs aren't dying quickly, after the Shockwave stun wares off (otherwise it's a bit of a waste), and tab-Devastate between them while Thunderclap, Shockwave, Shield Slam and Concussive Blow are on cooldown. You should have no issues holding large packs of mobs then.

11-09-2009, 06:43 AM
ok I think my issue is with charge ( since i was only using it to close range) before tanking and the Vigilance I haveto try them. I guss i need ot look into getting/ finding regular dugneons to practice in . unlessI got ot place like UPand UK to practice in ..

will make this answer but any othe adive is welcomed, as I said tryingotlearn to be good tank even if i end up leaving my guild.

11-09-2009, 07:16 AM
First off, your gear is fine, although you'll be a lot happier with the turkey carver from TotC (or the tournament Axe or Red Sword of Courage).

It sounds like you're having trouble AOE tanking, which might not always be your fault. A lot of DPS is used to Death Knight and Paladin tanking, and likes to AOE early and often. Regardless, try this:
- Mark the closest mob (or the most dangerous) with a skull. Many DPS will ignore it and AOE anyway, but at least you can yell at them if you have to taunt someone else off them while the skull is still up.
- Charge and immediately Thunderclap.
- Within a second or two, the entire group will cluster around you. Back up until everyone is in front of you, then Shockwave.
- Shield Slam the skull, then hit Cleave.
- Thunderclap whenever it's up.
- Tab to the next guy in the group (the skull should be almost dead by now). Hit whichever is up from {Shield Slam, Revenge, Devastate], then Cleave again.
- Repeat the last two steps until only one or two guys are left, then switch to your single target rotation.

Don't be scared to call out DPS who are aoe'ing too soon or hitting the wrong target. Also, there are some fights which are just plain old unkind to warrior tanks (Black Knight phase 2 comes to mind). Make sure your group knows this and what to do about it (misdirect to you, lay off the ghouls for a few seconds, whatever). Worst comes to worst, that's what Challenging Shout is for :-D

11-09-2009, 07:22 AM
also, if your guild isn't interested in helping you improve, there are always plenty of guilds who need tanks. Look for a guild which is just starting to raid, you'll be able to get in from the ground up and really make a difference.

11-09-2009, 07:25 AM
If in doubt, put Vigilence on the healer. It's what I always did in heroics.

Healers tend not to be aggro monkeys though. If the healer is generating enough aggo to pull off a tank, something is going very, very wrong.

I'd put it on whatever dps is your group is most likely to pull high threat, like a destro lock or ret pally.

11-09-2009, 08:10 AM
charge-shield slam-thunderclap-shockwave-cleave your brain out. Shield block when its up. The rest you can just SS/revenge/devastate freely as they pop up. If you are glyphed into devastate that is great, devastate has come a long way and is now one of your primary threat abilities. Other than that if i have full rage i spam heroic strike until my rage bar is at 30% and repeat my normal rotation. I tab off my targets when my first mark is at 20% so i can get a nice lead on the next mark target.

11-10-2009, 11:23 AM
Your issues are in your talents You go into deep wounds to get a crit buff and then take away everything that adds crit. Most warrior tanks run with this build The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/talent-calc.xml?cid=1&tal=3502000023000000000000000000000302000000000000 000000000000023351225000012521330113321) You should also change your glypes getting rid of the taunt and enrage glyphe and replace them with glype of blocking Which give you 10% more shield block value that increase buff your threat from shield slam and damaging shield and the glype of cleave to help with aoe threat. The glphe of devastate is a good choice.

11-10-2009, 11:33 AM
Healers tend not to be aggro monkeys though. If the healer is generating enough aggo to pull off a tank, something is going very, very wrong.

That isn't really the point. If you're getting constant heals, that's constant added threat given to you on all targets. May not be what DPS are giving, but I don't really care if a DPS dies. Whereas 3% damage reduction on a Healer might give me time to grab a mob back it things go to hell (like a DPS pulling, the healer tries to save them, DPS dies then the healer has a mob attacking them).

Plus it stops arguments between the DPS over who gets it.

11-10-2009, 05:34 PM
Tell them to focus on one target, and don't taunt anything that's aggroed by a DPS.

After the first pull, vigilance the first DPS that died :D

PS : your gear might need some work, as well as that odd metagem you equiped...

11-10-2009, 06:20 PM
Your rotation is wrong. Nothing wrong with your gears for tanking 5 men heroics (except htoc 5 you might take alot of dmg and die if u dont manage your CD on 1st and last boss)
Although the enchants and gems and weap are very messy, tanking in those is no problem at all; with the wrong rotation you will lose aggro regardless how good your gears are.

SOlo: Top priorities: SSlam, Revenge, Devast, Rage dump = Heroic Strike, when u have a good lead of threat, demo, clap, shockwave, Cblow to increase your dmg done to boss but the SSlam MUST ALWAYS ON CD.

Aoe: Mark a skull, charge in, SSlam it, Devast+Cleave, Demo+Cleave, ThunderClap+Cleave while tabbing around like crazi.
/cast yourspellname(Shield Slam)
/cast Cleave

I suggest you only add Cleave to Devast and spam that button together with keeping Clap and Demo up. Toss Vig on: Lock, DPs warr(especially Arm), Mage, Healers.

Once you run those 5 men heroics smooth and nice (no deaths, or at least no wipe, short time) you can come back here and read more about tanking raids.

11-11-2009, 05:15 PM
ask dps to single target the first mob then go full out on aoe after 1st is dead, you should have plenty of aggro after that 1st mob is dead. call it 10 seconds and you'll have 2 tclaps on all the mobs. if you can pull 2 groups, and hold them, i dont think anyone can complain about single targeting only 1 of those mobs.

i skull the mana based mob first, and charge him, the melee will follow u to the caster. i never start on non-mana based mobs. also if dps is single targeting the mana mob, the mana mob usually wont run towards the dps, but stand and cast. easier to keep you mob together.