View Full Version : Get Expertise cap by ignoring Stam?

11-06-2009, 01:21 PM
I'm just a small-time 10-man tank with about 37k health unbuffed. [with Black Heart and the Brewfest trinket. Yeah, I know, but again, 10-man tank here.]

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My Expertise is at 16, which is quite frankly abysmal of me. My luck in ToC and Ony hasn't been very good [with the neckpieces that drop there] and I haven't done Ulduar enough or have had enough money to get the Iron Council cloak.

The item I have in my sights right now is the Triumph vendor helm to replace my Ony10 helm. The expertise on it would be of great benefit to me. However, I'm still short on badges. It'll still be about a week before I can get it.

My plan right now is to deal with the expertise I need by putting in 20 expertise in my BS sockets where Stamina used to be. However, that is around 60 stamina loss for 40 expertise rating gain. Granted, I'd be going right back to Stamina once I have enough badges to equalize my expertise again, but I'd still have both ToC10 tonight and Ulduar hard modes tomorrow.

Basically, my question is this: Is taking out 60 Stamina equalized by the ability to hit the soft-cap for expertise, or should I just continue tanking without the cap until I get the items? [I haven't been doing bad with surviving, but my threat leaves much to be desired.]

11-06-2009, 07:28 PM
If you're going for hardmodes and don't have threat problems, then go stam. If you're having really bad threat problems and it's causing wipes, then go expertise, otherwise I'd say don't worry about it. Once you get more ToTC gear (and maybe go PuG 25 man if your guild only does 10 mans) there is a lot of natural expertise on it and you will probably stop having that problem.