View Full Version : Need Advice on Talents and gear

11-05-2009, 02:30 PM
First of all I'm an ARMS Warrior. So DPS is my thing

Here is a link to my armory Badface's Armory

Badface's Armory

Im currently doing 10 -25 TOC and Ony. Will probably start soon with TOGC 10 man.

So here is what I need advice on:

1) Expertise And Talents: I recently got new gear added, and it provided me with extra expertise. Im currently talented with 2/2 strength of arms and 2/2 wep mastery. So my understanding is my Exp cap is 18 and right now im over the cap. What suggestions do you guys have to change my talents to?
2) Gear: Can you guys critique my gear, gemming and enchanting? Im stacking Arm Pen , as recommended in the forums. Dont worry about hit rating, I always have a Dranei in my group so my hit cap is 230 Rating (7%). I have 120 Triumph Emblems, so my next step is to craft Titanium Razorplate

I will appreciate your advice.

My rotation for single target is : Charge - Rend - MS -OP -Slam - Execute (priority is OP > MS > Execute > Slam)
I cant use HS cause Im always on top of the aggro list unless I have to break off to go kill adds.