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We have rules, and your attitude stinks.

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Enjoy a 7 day temp ban to think over your attitude on our website. If you want to call people stupid, and get defensive in other threads when people are just trying to clarify you're in the wrong place.

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Calling people who disagree with you "stupid" is not a good way to foster discussion.

I understand your argument, and it's one way to balance Hybrids. In fact, you could say it's the way that Blizzard balanced hybrids up until Wrath. The Developers have chosen to go the route of 'two roles = hybrids'. We can argue all day about whether or not Paladins and Druids deserve an additional tax but ultimately the only opinion that counts on the matter is the opinion of the developers.

but they ARE stupid. no one is arguing that someone can do two things at the same time. again no one is arguing that you can tank and heal at the same time. if you bring this up, you are either retarded, or trying to red-herring the argument.

the fact of the matter is, having the ability to fill another role is valuable. it's a developer 5% "theoretical" designed value when you transition from pure to "hybrid" in the case of warrior, dk, priest, and shaman. this is the cost of those classes purchasing additional roles. paladins and druids get double the benefit from this, but they were also buffed with "extra goodies" from day one because their tanking OR healing sucked. now that it doesn't suck anymore it's high time those goodies get taken away.

Jack of all Trades, Master of all Trades is moronic game design.