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11-05-2009, 10:50 AM
I have only gone Fury a month ago and I think I am having either rotation issues or one of my stats is not correct. We have another warrior that can pump out almost 6K DPS and I am struggling to get to 4K.

My opinion is that instead of waiting for my BT-WW-SLam proc or HS to come up, I am doing other actions like a sunder, a shout a cleave or other stuff. Should I just consentrate on those 4 actions only and if i have to wait for it, just wait?

WHat about hit rating? I think I am low, but I tried alternating trinkets on some fights and had it up 220 Hit at one point. I can get my expertise up to 37 if needed. Is my ArP ok? Crit?

I need some help because my GM called me out on it last night and I need to try and fix it.

Here is the log. My name is Packy on kul tiras (US).

11-05-2009, 11:37 AM
the fact that you are sundering/shouting and what not is good but you don't seem to be doing said abilities at the right time.

at the start of the fight by all means ignore your rotation so you get your shouts/sunders up but after that you should be using those abilities when you have a free GCD. said free GCD is the time when you normally would be using an instant slam. Ideally you should only have to use these abilities when you do NOT have a bloodsurge proc but some times you get RNG'd and then it would be acceptable to ignore the bloodsurge proc so you don't lose your sunder stack/buff.

for hit rating you need at bare minimum 164 rating to be over the soft hit cap. having more isn't bad but it isn't a priority. you are under the hit cap so if the current gear you have now is a massive DPS increase compared to some gear you have with more hit then gem for hit, if not then I would say use the hit items.
NEVER try to get more than 26 expertise, it is a waste of itemization. sitting at 25 expertise is fine because usually there isn't a way to get exactly 1 more expertise skill.

other than your hit your stats look fine on your armory there isn't anything that looks way out of place stat wise

imp execute is decently mediocre right now so I personally would say take points out of that aswell as imp berserker rage and put those points in imp cleave becaues currently imp cleave is very useful in ToC because every fight has parts that allow for use of cleave. also when ever you will be able to have 3 targets in cleave range, use a cleave glyph (only fight in ToC where the glyph of cleaving has no use on is twins, and NRB)

I don't know how your guilds tanks adds on anub'arak or how you do positioning on twins but most guilds will make it so you can cleave/AoE them down. you used cleave a total of 6 times between both twins, and anub. when ever there are two targets in range of being cleaved, use cleave over HS.

11-05-2009, 11:52 AM
It sounds like rage management to me from your post. The only times you should be using Heroic Strike/Cleave are when you have almost or more than 70 rage. Other than that, you need to manage your rage so you can always WW/BT as soon as it comes off cooldown. Do you burn your enrages? Those are a bump to your rage generation off the bat.

11-05-2009, 11:54 AM
I agree with everything "thegreatgame" said and this is what I like to add,

1. Get hit to 164 no matter how you do it, gem enchant whatever (NEVER let it drop be low 164)

2. Expertise any point above 26 is total waste.

3. Always attack the boss/mob from behind, I see a lot of parried in your log.

4. There are definitely some issues in your priority/rotation, skimming through your logs I can see for some fight the amount of WW/BT you do are abysmally low where as from some fights the HS usage seems to be odd and things here and there. Rage management is the key to fury dps now, looks like you are not doing a great job on that. For fury DPS you should always use WW and BT as soon as they come out of CD, use slam only when its instant (bloodsurge proc) and HS only if rage allows (typically > 50 rage). I would personally advise to go to a dummy and practice your rotation wile keeping rage in check, make sure you NEVER NEVER DELAY USE OF WW/BT, they should be used as soon as they come off cd.

5. I would not sunder or keep shouts up unless I was told to do it as they take rage.

6. I don't understand what you mean when you say waiting on HS to come up??? HS is a queue mechanism, you hit it it turns on and attaches to your next auto swing. If rage allows you should covert every auto-swing to HS to maximize DPS.

7. Till you get a better handle on it, I would take points out of improved execute and improved berserker rage to put those in Unbridled wrath to get more rage (means more wiggle room for mistakes)

8. As fury I typically gem for Str rather than arpen, but its a debatable topic and do what you feel better.

9. Another thing is use of your cool-downs, Deathwish + recklessness. I typically use them early so that I can use them again during the end of fight. Also I try to use them together and with bloodlust to maximize throughput.

I hope this helps, small things will make a noticeable difference. Good luck

11-05-2009, 03:17 PM
6. I don't understand what you mean when you say waiting on HS to come up??? HS is a queue mechanism, you hit it it turns on and attaches to your next auto swing. If rage allows you should covert every auto-swing to HS to maximize DPS.

What I meant was when HS was available when I had the rage built up. I am still new at Fury, so I still have some bugs to work out.

Thanks for all the input.