View Full Version : Tanking problem in ToGC10

11-03-2009, 06:31 AM
I have a tanking problem in ToGC10 - Anub'Arak,
we doing the 1 borrow tactic,
and in phase 3 we let the 2 adds submerge - nuke anub'arak.
Now my problem is i pick adds too slow at this phase (miss click or too slow)
yea yea don't mock me i know what is my problem,
i'm asking if is there anything that could help me with it?
(btw while trying it on ToGC25 its much easyer since 2 adds come from each side so i can do it easily)
thanks for help
Bronze - DK tank

11-03-2009, 09:01 AM
- Use a nameplate addon such as Aloft to make it easier to see/select ads
- Keep your camera angle turned almost sideways just before they spawn, for some reason it seems buggy selecting ads when your angle is coming from behind the boss
- Ideally have your MT tank the boss on the North corner of the room, it seems like the ads generally spawn from further South giving you a little more time to pick them up
- Have your ranged/healers group up as much as possible as close to the boss as possible so that you aren't having to run around to save people that are far away as the ads spawn
- I don't know much about DKs but I think you might have a taunt as well as your Death Grip, if so taunt 1, DG the other hit em each once and book it for the ice + boss so your group can AOE them down (this is for earlier ads, if in the last phase just pick em up and go sit somewhere since you don't care if they submerge)
- All else fails be vocal and let people know what is going on so if one gets away from you for a little bit the person it targets can kite toward you