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10-31-2009, 08:30 AM
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So I run a 10 man group with mainly real life friends at the moment, and we decided to give ToGC a go last week. We only got the first boss down (after 10 very frustratingly unlucky attempts) and called it after a few goes on Jaraxxus.

I thought I did alright tanking it (me and a pally tank it, I MT he OTs), however I went in with a pug today and actually died a few times on the first boss from impales etc, and once from just fighting Icehowl (with all 3 healers up, though 1 may have been frozen at the time).

Obviously I had different healers for these two attempts, but I'd gotten some significant upgrades between the two weeks (3 pieces from ToC 25) so I figured it would be relatively easier the second time.

With my group, we took a rather undergeared holy pally (dinged 80 a few weeks ago, new to raiding, couple of pieces of toc 10 stuff, rest heroic / bit of uld 10 non hardmode stuff), as well as fairly well geared resto druid and resto shaman.

The resto shaman was with me for the pug as well, and instead of the druid / badly geared pally there was a fairly well geared pally and a fairly well geared priest. Now it was discussed in the (fail) pug that the priest wasn't pulling their weight, but since I died a fair few times I just thought it'd be a good idea to check and see if my gear is ready for it, and if there's anything I can fix up or gear I can grab easily enough to make it just that little bit easier?

I guess I'm just after a little bit of constructive criticism to knock me into shape for tanking this harder level stuff, and then I can work out where problems lie elsewhere in the group.

Thanks guys!

*im currently using the 226 neck for the hit, I have the Ony 25 neck but don't really appreciate my hit rating being sub 100*

10-31-2009, 09:48 AM
Your gear looks fine for tanking it to me. If you had issues its either because of lacking heals or dps.