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10-28-2009, 01:00 PM
My current server is one of the lowest ranked launch servers in terms of progression and in the bottom third overall.

We're a self-described "progression" guild but within two weeks of forming we still don't have enough members showing up on time to make a full guild 25-man. I'd say that it takes roughly two hours of advertising in trade chat to get one recruit who may or may not show up to most raids on time and prepared. Out of those recruits, probably only 1/3 is an acceptable raider and 1/6 could be considered very skilled.

Most of our membership is made up of people who either took a break midway through Ulduar or are just coming back through Burning Crusade. We have about 8 very skilled players and I make a point of weeding out people who can't or won't perform well. There has also been a fair amount of drama in the past week and our raid leader had to step down due to him getting a nighttime job.

The population on our server is very high, but the progression population is relatively tiny. I and several other guild members are strongly considering transferring to Mal'Ganis Horde and reforming there, as there are more than 20 guilds as progressed or more progressed than our top guild.

Has anyone else here made a similar jump? Do you have any suggestions?

10-28-2009, 01:13 PM
Haven't done a server hop myself, but I say go where the progression is, if that's what you are after.

11-28-2009, 12:46 PM
The problem is that from the perspective of your raiders, there's no guarantee that you'll actually end up raiding when you get to the other server.

You're asking people to spend Meatspace Bucks to move their best character(s) to a server, not so that they can raid, but so that they can hopefully raid, in the future, once you've recruited a bunch more people and weeded out the flakes.

You'll lose some people in the transfer, and then you'll lose some people when they find out that they can do all the raiding they want with PuGs, and then you'll lose even more people when they get recruited by guilds who are actually fielding raids right now.

I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I'm just saying that you don't want to delude yourself into thinking that it's going to be as easy as picking up eight people, recruiting two more, and then off to the races.

11-29-2009, 12:52 AM
One word of advice, stay away from mal'ganis horde. They dont take too kindly to transfers there.

11-29-2009, 01:04 AM
One word of advice, stay away from mal'ganis horde. They dont take too kindly to transfers there.

Hey, someone that goes/went to KU, wudup!?

11-29-2009, 01:31 AM
Hey, someone that goes/went to KU, wudup!?
Rock Chalk!!!!

Went there, graduated in 2006. Just bought tickets to the UCLA/KU game next sunday, first basketball game i'll have seen since i left. Too bad UCLA sucks this year.

11-29-2009, 01:34 AM
Rock Chalk!!!!

Went there, graduated in 2006. Just bought tickets to the UCLA/KU game next sunday, first basketball game i'll have seen since i left. Too bad UCLA sucks this year.

Well everyone sucks when they face kansas in basketball. We're not #1 for no reason. I go there, EE major.

12-10-2009, 02:50 PM
This will be a little random/scatter-brained, so apologies ahead of time. :)

First question, what made you choose Mal'Ganis? If/when you transfer there, what is your intent? Are you hoping to find more recruits? Hoping to get recruited?

If you don't have the numbers now, you might be better off doing guild runs of 10-mans and pugging 25s, until you can do full guild runs. Since you're on a high pop server, you're better off than most people in terms of recruiting pools. I recently transferred off of a low pop server that only had 3-5 guilds Horde-side that did 25-mans.

As you guys succeed and make progress, you'll probably get more recruits. How do you pug runs work out? Are they generally smooth? If you're wiping a lot, nerd-raging a lot, or having other problems, those might be contributing to your recruiting.

You're in an odd spot, because you are trying to recruit people, but you can't guarantee a raid schedule and/or success, so some of the candidates you might consider ideal probably wouldn't be that interested in joining. So, that's part of why I suggest you might be better off doing 10mans, building things up (maybe making some of your poorer players better), and then going from there.

Going back to my old server, think about a guild transfer to a lower-pop server *very* carefully. On my low pop server, I saw plenty of "awesome progression" guilds show up, spam our forums letting us know they'd show us how to raid, and then they'd die a slow death. You need to be some place where you can potentially get a steady influx of good players. You can't expect people to always be available or always play. They have real lives that will impact their playtime.

01-13-2010, 10:49 AM
My first transfer was the hardest, you end up on a new server with no friends.. :( Leaving a server where you spent 1-2-3 years isn't easy, but i would not go back there. It made me more ressourcefull, i'd say. You learn not to be affraid to pug yourself, to go out and seek raids, insted of waiting for them to be offered to you. One positive side to a larger population server is the economy is normally better, prices and item selection are more reasonable than on low population ones.

01-14-2010, 12:39 PM
One downside to guild transferring is that you can't get realm first titles until you have been on your new server for 60 days. So if you are still in the running for a Realm First title on your server, I would recommend delaying your transfer. Also, Mal'Ganis is a lag fest during raiding prime time and queues suck :p Great players over there though, and always something to do with pug raids. I was on the server for a couple of months.

01-15-2010, 01:09 PM
I really just wish blizzard would condense the servers down to a hand-full of high pop realms on better hardware than continue to allow crap like this.

Woot, Mal'Ganis the highest population realm in the world has yet-another transfer. Wondful. I hope you enjoy 1k+ queue's after 6:00pm EST and lag that renders raids unplayable after around 9:00 EST almost every night.

Sadly, I can also sympatise with the poor saps who jump to MG and other grossly over-populated realms from low-pop servers. WoW is an MMO, it's all about having large groups of people to do things with you. Low pop realms cannot deliver this for raiders. Medium pop realms can only deliver this to a select group of players. Only on high pop realms do you really get enough people together that raiding guilds flourish in great numbers because we have an infinite influx of raiders coming to us anyhow. Why? Because there is always something to do! Even outside of the guild you've got endless PuG raids.

From a raiding perspective, the benefits of lag-free low pop realms are far out-weighted by the deficits created by the low population.

Blizzard clearly does not want to understand this as they have continued to offer high pop realms transfers to horrendously low-pop servers. No player in his right mind would take those and they've been wildly unsuccessful. Yet they continue the policy of "lets offer the big realms a free xfer to the tiny ones, ofcourse the laws of osmosis will even the population pool out, right?!"


02-21-2010, 09:24 AM
A few things to consider, as my guild did this from a high pop server with massive lag during peak raiding times to a medium pop server that was just as progressed. How many people do you have that are 110% on board and ready to go with no reservations? These are the people who will immediatly go. Tanks and healers are generally the hardest to find and integrate into a guild, how many of these are you bringing, if your bringing only dps just forget it now. Progression, how much more progressed are you than guilds who share your same raiding schedule, this is key here to rebuild. When we server transferred we immediatly snagged 5 players from an equally progressed guild that was heavily recruiting tanks, they had one and that was a great boon to us, 9 months later 4 are still core raiders. Also from your people who are 110% committed expect a few to not make the move, we thought we were going with 20 people and only needed a few, this was not a move due to progression, recruiting or anything other than lag, we ended up with 12 who did it immediatly and 3 more who moved within two months. The only thing that allowed us to flourish was our progression, the fact that we came ready with 2 main spec tanks, and the third was a dual spec dps and four healers, dps is ridiculously easy to find and our first week we cleared up to mimiron with 13 pugs in the raid, which put that run as the 10th best guild on the server one week in. It also validated the fact that we were VERY capable of getting to yogg saron, and of the 13 pugs 10 applied over that weekend, we took seven and by the end of the second week had a full roster. This was very successful for us and we went from being the 8th guild to kill yogg to the 4th ranked guild by the time ToC launched and a position we still sit in(this time only by two hours on Putricide). I would not go to a realm as progressed as Mal'ganis however, as a lot of people will see no reason to join a guild when they can pug the same content.
A second option if you have eight players would be to try and find a guild that would take you all on, this is prob your best option however.

03-17-2010, 08:51 AM
I'd like some more insight on this topic as well.

I originally started on an RP server and followed a guild to my current server almost a year ago. That move fell apart and I joined a different guild and then six months ago I did a faction change and started a 10m guild on the Alliance.

Our guild is doing well (11/12 ICC) for the most part, but we've been trying to recruit for the past three weeks. One of the larger guilds on the server has decided to leave and pointed out that the server is slowly dying. After reviewing the facts, I tend to agree with them as I see that EVERY major raiding guild is looking for recruits and struggling to fill them.

We've recently started asking the question that maybe we should leave as well.
The problem is....I have NO idea where to even begin to try and find a better server.
We were planning to become a 25m for Cataclysm but if we move servers, we may as well just make the swap now. And the problem is that I may only be bringing 3 of our 10 to the new server. We have yet to discuss this with the guild so we might have more but even if we have 9 come over, this will be hard.

Any advice on how to actually reserach and choose a server?

03-17-2010, 10:16 AM
Any advice on how to actually reserach and choose a server?
Make a list of potential servers and assign people to scout them out, talk to people from raiding guilds and ask how the servers are handling huge loads during wednesday's peak hours. Even "low population" servers might have latency issues if they're paired together with high population realms within their battlegroup.

Do not choose your realm based on what top guilds they have, Lightning's Blade started to have lag issues once Paragon migrated here and started to make presence in raiding scene and now that Ensidia is migrating (http://www.ensidia.com/article/304/ensidia-transfers-server) here, it's going to suck for rest of us trying to get raids running with 5000 fanboys logging in every night. I can't wait for free migration to somewhere else...