View Full Version : Gearing to MT TotGC10, what should my next upgrade be?

10-27-2009, 01:41 PM
I'm only a weekend player but I get invited to pugs fairly frequently and got an invitation to start tanking the 10 man heroic by a group. I've got 70 badges currently and pick up about 20-25 each week with pugs in normal 10 man etc. My question is what should I look to pick up next to increase my viability as a tank for heroic-mode.

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10-27-2009, 02:13 PM
From a quick glance I'd say you probably want to get a new trinket to replace the brewfest one (onyxia blood talisman or the 25 ignis one perhaps?) and a new cloak wouldnt be bad. GL in there, 10 ToGC is a fun instance :)

10-27-2009, 02:14 PM
I'd say badge helm unless you pick up the ony helm. Other than that I'd say go for 4 piece, you're decently well geared.

However I will say: stop going for socket bonuses, you're losing valuable stam.

Keep the red socket in your pants, maybe change it to agi/stam instead of dodge/stam, but other than that change all of your stam/dodge or stam/defense or w/e (anything not raw stam) into +30 stam, you'll see a fairly big stam increase.

Also, armor to cloak and gloves though 18 stam to gloves is /okay/, but I still pref armor. I'd say run your raid buffed calculations through an EHP calc to be sure. Also get the 30 stam 15 resil shoulder enchant (10k honor from the honor vendors in stormwind)

10-27-2009, 02:16 PM
From a quick glance I'd say you probably want to get a new trinket to replace the brewfest one (onyxia blood talisman or the 25 ignis one perhaps?) and a new cloak wouldnt be bad. GL in there, 10 ToGC is a fun instance :)

I disagree trinkets are fine, MAYBE heart of iron or glyph of indom for physical fights if the EHP calcs work out in your favor (I spent most of my badges on some PvP gear so I don't have those calcs readily availible for my raid buffed stats but unbuffed direbrew is better than glyph of indom)

You could def. use a new cloak though.

10-27-2009, 02:25 PM
Honestly it looks like you're a little more geared than I am, and I feel like I already overgear ToGC 10 by a bit, so I dunno if you really need more to handle it.

ToGC 25 on the other hand...maybe. ;)

10-27-2009, 03:32 PM
As others have said, you don't really need anything else to tank 10Totgc.

Your defence stats are solid and your HP is well beyond high enough.
If anything I'd swap out your brewfest trinket for a dodge trinket of some description.

The only two things that stand out as "could do with an upgrade" are your cloak and shield, but they are definitely good enough to do 10m heroics.

10-28-2009, 05:10 AM
If gearing for TotGC-10 specifically, I wouldn't recommend swapping out a trinket for a Dodge one (or even the Ignis Dodge-on-click one) purely because the most dangerous parts of the encounters within it cannot be avoided. As a result, Effective Health is king there, moreso even than back in the early days of Ulduar.

As for the advice to stack Stam in every socket, I will again disagree - I would take +10 Agi or +10 Defense over +3 Stamina any day, irrespective of what I said about EH. From an iLevel point of view, giving up so much for so little still doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I don't match any non-Stam bonus or any Stam bonus less than +9 but I will always match +9 or +12 and, in the main, it would appear that the OP has followed a similar pattern with a couple of omissions. It's not like 40k unbuffed is insufficient for tanking TotGC and the extra 20 or so Stam is going to make or break his chance of success.

To answer the question posed by the OP, I would recommend either the Paladin Tank Helm from Onyxia-25 if it drops as it has huge EH potential (kind of a crapshoot though) or the one available for badges as your next potential upgrade - the Tier 8.5 helm was never that great anyway. That's about the only thing I'd suggest in terms of things you can buy, though you may wish to invest in the Strength Libram and Armor trinket for certain fights - you won't always use them but they're both worth picking up once you've bought all your MT stuff.

In terms of ugrade drops, I'm sure you're well aware of your options but the 25-man TotC Shield and the 25-man TotC cloak. Your belt and boots are former best in slot items, so you may not find a big upgrade to these pieces until you get a few Heroic bosses down.

Everything else is small advice really - I'd go for Agi/Stam over Dodge/Stam as a rule, I'd change Blade Ward for Mongoose... that's about it. You're certainly geared enough for TotGC so best of luck to you :)