View Full Version : Expected DPS

10-27-2009, 08:43 AM
Ok so my guild is a 10 man guild and whilst we have not yet got a full clear of Ulduar we have fully cleared ToC and we get Ony and Koralon down every week. Some of us also do some 25 man pugs so as you can see the gear in the guild is pretty good. What I am trying to find out though is there a very rough guide as to what DPS people should be capable off with say full T8/equivalent or full T9/equivalent?

The reason for this question is we tried a zerg run on OS10 last night and as someone who has done this successfully we really didnt get close and it seemed we were basically lacking the DPS for it. If I can see that some of our DPS are doing less than maybe they should be we can investigate why that is.

Thanks in advance