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10-26-2009, 04:10 AM
I am new to being a Pally tank, I just started tanking about a week ago, Ive managed to get some gear and even was able to hold up as the Prime Tank in a 10 man OS run. Here is my problem, When I tank heroic's or anything where I have to hold aggro on more then 3 targets, I can not hold them. I seem fine when I doing 1-2 have no problem. Ive even been able to handle Heroic ToC when I was some what under geared, Its just when there are so many adds (Like the Dragon Boss in UP when all the Zombie's come out I can hold 2-3 but when it gets to be more then that I seem to lose the aggro, and ealier today we wiped 3 times on that spot). Any help would be great, Ive included my character name and realm to the Armory so can check out spec and gear, please help. Thanks in advance Jarvick

Realm Winterhoof
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Winterhoof&n=Jarvick)

10-26-2009, 04:47 AM
Okay, here's the thing.

If people go all-out AoE, there are many classes that will pull aggro off of you, so tell them not to. Tell them to single-target the marked mobs down first, and then AoE to give you a threat lead. Make sure you have leader and mark one or two mobs - that should give you all the threat you need to last you the fight.
If you marked mobs and someone pulls an unmarked mob while the marked mobs still live, don't pull it back to you. They obviously chose to ignore your very simple request because they can tank the mob themselves. Make sure your healers know you may do this, so the healer can ignore said DPS as well.
(Always save the healer, though.)

Don't forget to use divine wrath, it's a strong spell against swarming undead.

Your spec looks good, I'm using other glyphs myself, but those are good enough for heroics.

There's a lot of things to improve in your gear, but nothing that will help much with this particular issue. For early tanking, it's not bad at all.

10-26-2009, 05:55 AM
Are you using the standard pally rotation? Are you dropping conscecrate? Are you tabbing between mobs?

10-26-2009, 06:10 AM
tabbing between mobs is a life saver this is just what i do when i tank (not often anymore) if the group has around 4 mobs i run in and Hammer of the Righteous to get a good threat lead on all of them then do my normal rotation (JoL, SotR, HotR, HS, consecration)your HotR will be off cooldown when you get back to it in this rotation, works fine for me. WHen dealing with alot of undead Holy Wrath is your best friend hit them with it then throw down a conc for threat they'll be stunned in the conc so you'll be good to go everything else looks fine for what your tanking

10-26-2009, 08:16 AM
As one new pally tank to the next I can offer you just a little bit of my noob wisdom. Although I have been prot spec since level 70, I just hit 80 a few weeks ago and yes at first, I had some troubles. As far as threat goes with a pally, we build aoe threat slowly at first. If you run in and lay a concecrate down, and it ticks once for like..300 or something (I'm not a number cruncher), and your dps automatically starts blowing up a mob with 4k crits without giving you any time...they are gonna pull them off of you.

While I wouldn't recommend the above statement of letting your dps tank them if they pull, because that makes you look like a fail tank for not saving the group. Yeah they shouldn't pull aggro from you, but let's be honest...it's going to happen and you need to be ready with your taunts. It shows you are a good tank and not one that is just going to possibly cause a wipe just to prove a point.

I usually open up a fight with Avenger's Shield, just to get that initial 3 target aggro. If you are doing pulls of 4 and the shield doesn't hit one, target that mob and use HotR. You have the glyph so you should start a decent aggro with that. If some of the mobs are spread out to where your shield won't hit them all and you have say...a caster in the group, toss up Sacred Shield, body pull the melee to the caster, and make sure you hit the caster with the shield for the silence effect.

Most paladins use the standard 9/6/9 rotation which will optimize your tps. Usually (this depends on your playing style) I go with Holy Shield / HoTR / Judgement of Wisdom / SoR / Concecrate / HoTR. I don't do tab targetting as a paladin as much unless my dps is being really douchey and targetting the one mob I haven't hit yet.

As far as seals go, for heroics I usually use Seal of Wisdom, only because you'll find that you aren't getting hit hard enough for spiritual attunement to keep you capped. You will make it through your pulls, but I rather enjoy not having to sit down to drink after every pull. If you try to always have divine plea up during pulls, meaning either faster pulls, or 30 second wait times until your next pull you should also do great on mana.

You shouldn't have a hard time holding aggro on bosses on heroics unless you are taking way over-geared dps, but you can bounce between Seal of Vengeance (Seal of Blood I think for Horde?) and Seal of Wisdom / Light depending on the situation.

As far as your build, it looks really good! The only difference between yours and mine is I only have 1 point into Spiritual Attunement, and use that point to top of Crusade. If we are talking threat, an additional 5% mana per heal as opposed to extra damage isn't the best trade-off.

Glyph-wise, just a personal prefference but I'd drop Glyph of Judgement and Glyph of SotR. I use glyph of Divine Plea for the additional 3% damage reduction, and Glyph of SoV (although SoV would be more mana draining, it's an additional DoT for a bit of increased threat) Minor glyphs are exactly that...minor, pick what suits your playing style, but at least pick something :)

General rule of thumb that I've found out about gemming, is socket bonus is hardly worth it if the bonus is less then +9 to stam...unless you are using it to hit your defense cap that is. For your gear that you probably won't replace for a while, don't go cheap on the gems. You've got the T8 chest, go for the +30 to stam. Once you have 4 or 5 of those stacked, it will add up. If you haven't already, do the quest chain in Storm Peaks to unlock the Sons of Hodir rep. You get a great tanking shoulder enchant. Keep up the pally awesomeness!

10-26-2009, 04:14 PM
Great info all thanks for posting, thought maybe I just need to go trade in my Prot spec, but Ill keep at it. If anyone else has any great advise Im always eager to learn when I can.