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10-25-2009, 04:41 PM
Hey there all, I have been reading the forums and guides here at tankspot and have decided to chime in and become a member! I just hit level 80 recently on my warrior tank and am fairly new at tanking. My armory link is The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Duskwood&n=Dinder)

I am new at this so any comments of my gear or anything you can do to help would be much appreciated. I am trying to gear up to do heroic runs, let me know what you think!


10-25-2009, 05:39 PM
With your spec one thing I would definitely change about your spec is take 3 points out of Iron Will and put two of them into Improved Heroic Strike and the other into Anticipation, I would also get rid of Focused Rage and put a fifth point into Anticipation and get Improved Disciplines. For your glyphs once you start to progress further through heroics and into more raids I would replace Glyph of Cleave and Glyph of Taunt with Glyph of Shieldwall and Glyph of Devastate.

For you gearing concept the smart choice is to gear for the encounter the safe choice is to go with EH, you can either use one EH set or you could try and maximize efficiency by using multiple gear sets, if you do go multiple there is EH(armor and stamina) your main set useful for all encounters excels at magic damage and physical burst. Avoidance which is dodge and parry useful for vary fast hitting bosses like Patchwerk, slow hitting bosses like Vezaxs, avoidable debuff bosses like Kolo or healer stuns like Auriya. Threat which is just stacking expertise until 57 hit until capped I wouldn't recommend it unless you are having threat problems while using a proper rotation. And finally Block pretty useless unless you are tanking trash or heroics. Always try to stick to get EH first the majority of encounters favors EH. Halandir has a really good guide with gear, gems and enchants broken up into different stats http://www.tankspot.com/forums/f97/46235-best-slot-warrior-tanking-gear-glance.html

In your enchants and gems section grind rep with the Argent Crusade and get Arcanum of the Stalwart Protector - Item - World of Warcraft (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=44150), on your bracers get 40 stamina instead of 12 strength, get 275 health on your chest and if you can stay over 540 defense without 16 defense on your cloak get 225 armor.

For your single target rotation for maximum threat your priority system should be Shield Slam>Devastate, if you want a mix between threat and damage SS>Revenge>Devastate and if you don't have any threat problems use Shield Slam>Revenge>Shockwave>Concussion Blow>Devastate. All of these require you to spam Heroic Strike 100% of the time. Your abilities for multi mob tanking are Shockwave, Thunder Clap, Shield Block, Cleave and tabbing through mobs using single target abilities.

Cooldowns: Prot warriors have four essential cooldowns Last Stand, Shield Wall, Enraged Regeneration and Shield Block I use Last Stand and Enraged Regeneration together because Last Stand increases the amount Enraged Regeneration heals. Shield Block has a shorter cooldown but is less powerful than Last Stand ER combo and Shield Wall. Cooldowns can be used for predictable high amount of damage incoming like Hodir's Frozen Blows or for unpredictable burst damage like a dragons cleave for example. If a boss has predictable and unpredictable burst I like to use Last Stand ER and Shield Wall for the predictable and Shield Block for unpredictable since unpredictable will happen more often but will hit for less damage. If there is only predictable and you have 2 minute Shield Wall along with Glyph of Last Stand you can use a Shield Wall Shield Block combo then use a Last Stand ER Shield Block combination as two big cooldowns.

Buffs and Debuffs: Warriors bring quite a bit of utility to the raid, try to keep Commanding Shout up most of the time while keeping Demoralizing Shout on the boss for the majority of the fight. Thunder Clap even though isn't very valuable for threat on bosses the debuff reduces alot of incoming damage. Sunder Armor should be kept on the boss the majority of the time anyway but also try and keep it up on things your not attacking like XT-002 heart. Shattering Throw stacks with Sunder Armor it's worth using on fights you don't have to tank but something has to be burnt down like XT's heart. Always put Vigilance on the highest threat target usually it will be a class with no threat percentage reducer like an Arms Warrior, Affliction Lock or Hunter are all good examples.

Utilites: ProtWarriors have four stuns, two silences, and one interrupt: Their stuns are Charge, Intercept, Shockwave and Concussion Blow, their silences are Shield Bash and Heroic Throw which are great for getting caster trash and their interrupt is Shield Bash. And finally one of the most most unusual and fairly useless utility prot warriors have is intervene, the one place where intervene stands out is when you are OTing and if the fight is threat intensive like Hodir you can Intervene the highest dps on the threat meter to give your MT a little bit of a break.

I hope that covers all of your questions if you have anymore just post them and I will be glad to answer them.

10-27-2009, 10:27 AM
Thank you krc for your informative post, I will be taking all of your comments into consideration while moving into heroics.

10-27-2009, 02:06 PM
Oh I love seeing a new tank: it wasn't all that long ago (December/January in the real world, but only 2 months of playtime counting only subscribed time) that I was the same way! I mean, I'm far from well-geared, but I'm enjoying the progression!

And look at all that crafted gear! I LOVE it! But you're missing Titanium Earthguard Ring (or w/e it's called!) :p

General tips not covered by krc: get all rep you can. Do the Sons of Hodir dailies every day, at revered you'll have 6 to do. If you can afford them, buy Relics of Ulduar on AH for turn in. That's the hardest rep to do since you can't champion them. Looks like you've got Wyrmrest covered, krc mentioned Argent... Kirin Tor has some gloves that are nice, and finally Ebon Blade (by the time you hit exalted with them, there'll be little worth buying, IMO).

Remember you can rep in any 80 instance, which means normals like UP or ToC as well as any heroic, so farm them if you want, it's all rep and there's still gear upgrades for you in normals, especially ToC. Try to get groups to clear all trash in each run. It's usually only a few groups that are normally skipped, so it won't add too much time to the run.

There are guides on this sight for preparing for heroics (might have to look back to November/December of last year to find them). Create a spreadsheet in Excel or Word and list each slot and what gear are upgrades, in order of relevance, and what boss they drop from or how many badges they cost. That really helped me in tracking my gear development. Mad props to Wowhead.com!

Badge pick orders are still out there, and remember Heroism and Valor vendors might have things for you too, as Conquest emblems can buy from both!

Do heroic daily every day, if you can gear up enough you ought to be able to handle all of them (especially with a great guild healer holding you up!). 2 Triumph a day will add up fast. Do rep dailies too (both are found outside VH in Dal) for speeding up the rep grind and Conquest badges.

Don't be afraid of anything. Ask if you can tank in your guild's VOA runs on Archavon. The other bosses might be a bit much, but your guild's main and off tanks probably don't need T7 gear anymore, so they may be happy to swap out and let you tank something that's challenging for your level. Of course, if they are cool, you can sneak in as DPS for the other bosses and maybe get a kick-start on T8/9.

OS10 and Naxx10 are easy-peasy to pug into as DPS. Tanking as you are right now won't happen unless it's a guild run, as most pugs will laugh at 25k hp and not want to carry you, but investing in dual-spec will allow you to roll on DPS gear, and get into these runs as DPS. Just be kind to the raid and ask permission to roll off-spec for tanking gear if you are recruited as DPS.

Keep questing! Dailies for rep, or finishing out zones you haven't done yet, it's all gold! I know 6k gold might seem daunting, but really it's not that hard to save up to get Saronite Swordbreakers, Breastplate of the White Knight, or Spiked Deathdealers! Those are BiS for crafted gear, and alone any one of those will prove to groups you're serious about tanking to spend that kind of money!

Wow, this was more than I thought I'd type at first! But if you get half as excited as I do about gearing up and progression, you'll do just fine!