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10-21-2009, 01:30 AM
Okay so i've decided to sod the hit cap and socket my bum full of stam gems and glyph taunt. But from that i have a few questions;

Losing the hit cap is gonna drop my threat. how much expertise should i stack past pushing dodge off the table to make up for it? and how much hit rating can i lose? should i get +exp, +hit, or arsman on my gloves?

Also which glyph should i replace with glyph of taunt? i'm leaning towards Blocking since with my BV of ~1300 i'm only gettin +130bv and as i SS about every 4seconds or so that only ~50tps, whereas vigilance will be on a DPS pulling about 4ktps, and so be about 200tps, but i am losing 130-520BV with critical block and shield block procced and up.

only got half way through the regemming but this is me!
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10-21-2009, 07:56 AM
This is the old "cake and eat it too" question, just switch 'cake' for 'EH' and 'eat' with 'threat.'

I'm not going to math out all the curves you're dealing with (because that's what it is, intersecting curves, which varies on boss to boss, and even then depending on weather you delayed to shield slam on second 101).

I'm a warrior tank. My experience tanking (currently ToC10/25 level tank) is that hit and expertise are things you 'try' to maintain to the best of your ability but don't let it discourage you from upgrades. Lately, my expertise dipped to 14, my hit got as high as 400 taking upgrades as they came. That was fixed with a nice ToC25 chest and brought me more within reasonable numbers.

What I did was when things got out of balance, I started directing myself to upgrades that would fix my situation - I bought the 232 tier shoulders that have expertise and were an upgrade rather then hold out for a trophy. I'm sure with some wowhead and gearlist legwork you could find your solutions. Saronite swordbreakers have hit, but that's only a couple points over the dreadscale. Your next trophy buy could be the tier pants (sidegrade, I know) but it would shore up some hit.

I have never glyphed taunt. You might have to. If I were regularly attempting ToGC, I would carry a stack of the glyphs, and a stack of Blocking glyphs and just switch as needed. (might be useful if I were ever on anub adds too, but usually taunt is immediately followed up by a SS to the face, which gets their attention, and only suffers the 8% penalty. Skillful target-of-target intervines help with contingencies.)

As a reference point, in my non-bv setup, I can maintain 7.5k TPS, and get perlonged bouts in the 8.5k range. I am lesser geared then you. I get told by many 245+dps players that like to go 'all out' that I'm the only boss tank where they feel confident to really 'let loose.' Only time my threat nosedived was when hit or expertise got out of balance.

The "tl;dr, just want an answer" version:

how much expertise should i stack past pushing dodge off the table to make up for [losing hit]?
Mechanically speaking, past dodge, the table is additive to the parry cap. i.e. 1% for 1% because you can never have a missed parry, or a parried miss. Though I don't like this line of thinking as several warrior abilities aren't affected by expertise at all.

and how much hit rating can i lose?
You can lose it all, just don't expect to be invited back after wipes. Really you should strive for getting some back. Though upgrades are slim at the 245 mark. It's something that just has to be balanced. Especially if you're going up against Gormok heroic.

should i get +exp, +hit, or arsman on my gloves?
If you're still talking about needing threat, Armsman. If not, you might need an emergency hit enchant. Ideally it's best to do it through gems and other enchants that aren't as unique, but if this is the situation I have to look forward to in a few weeks...ungh. I hate the evolution of hit down to a few key puzzlepieces which make or break your set because of the advancement of stat budgets.

10-21-2009, 08:57 AM
If your spec and rotation is down properly you need no hit. I've run as low as 22 hit (blades of the sable cross being the only item that had hit on it) and had almost no problems holding aggro as long as I put vigilance on the highest threat dps. My threat gear is only about 1kdps higher than my EHP gear that has terrible threat stats. Currently my threat gear I'm hit capped with 42 expertise and I do about 8k-9k TPS spiking around 10k. With my EHP gear I do 7k-8k TPS spiking around 9k. In my EHP gear I currently have 89 hit and 35 expertise. In my EHP set I almost never use a threat glyph (unless you count blocking) I roll with blocking/shield wall/last stand, sometimes glyph taunt for like gormock and algalon.

If you're going for EHP (which with very few exceptions you should be) and you don't have any threat problems then roll with the armor to gloves enchant or 18 stam, depending on where your gear levels are at/what you need to survive more (if you're having lots of problems with gormock 18 stam might be better, but overall 240 armor is slightly better, but plug the numbers into the EHP calculator for your stats to be sure).

TL;DR: don't worry about hit.

10-21-2009, 11:05 AM
Try to read trough this... Attack table - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/Attack_table)

If you cannot understand... Try to read trough Satrina's/Satori's guides...