View Full Version : Tank Help- Am I Geared Enough for These Raids?

10-20-2009, 10:32 AM
Hey Look Me Up On Wowheroes becauses the armory is down(shocker...) Im on Cairne And My Name Is Unforgivein. The First Day I HIt 80 Was On sunday, And My friends Ran Me Threw Nax10man And I Got Some Free Epics. Im Defence Caped At 541. But Im barlly Hanging On. I Can't Buy Any Stam Gems Becaues I just need all of them just to hit the d cap. My Health(Unbuffed) Is like 24k But When Buffed With Party buffs I can Reach Up To 31k Health, Maybe higher with raid buffs.

This Week Im Going To Try And Set Up 1-3 Raids to try and run with my guild.

They Are Os 10-Man, VoA 10-Man, And Nax-10Man.
But When I looked At My WoWheroes Page, It said I Should Be Focusing On EoE, And I KNow I Will Prolly Wipe Right Now, If I Tried.

So Please Tell Me If Im Atleast Geared To Tank or Off Tank Nax, VoA, And OS. If You Think I Can Do Any Other Raids Please Tell Me.

I Know I Have Some Blues But Im Doing Heroiocs And Working On Them. The First piece Im Getting Is The Chestpiece. Then To Get Rid of my blues.


10-20-2009, 10:37 AM
Armory is down. Kinda hard to give any advice atm.
Can you provide more info?
Unbuffed HP, Avoidance (dodge, parry, block) and/or armor?

10-20-2009, 10:39 AM
wow-heroes doesn't seem to have any data cached for you, and since armory is down, I can't see your toon.

Is your gear chanted? Defense to chest, cloak & so on? Head and shoulder tank glyphs from sons of hodir and argent crusade?

If no to any of those, that could be why you are having trouble with the defense cap.

10-20-2009, 10:45 AM
Sorry I had missed the starting part where you stated the unbuffed HP. It may be a bit short but if you do your stuff well, you should survive in OS10+0D. Won't be easy tho... depends on your raid (healers and all that).

Tanking or OT on VoA10 new boss won't be doable. Your HP will vanish way too fast there.

Naxx could be worth a shot... but I would have to take a look at your gear to be able to provide some real help.

These are just "guesses" without seeing the real deal.