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A little bit about us:

We are a 10 Man Progression Guild that works solely on the hardest 10 man content the game has to offer. Since the introduction of the 10 man strict progression rankings (see http://www.guildox.com (http://www.guildox.com/)) we have been able to track our progress in the world rankings (World 12th is our best so far) and we are constantly aiming to improve this as a guild. We do not do 25 mans and have no intention of doing them. If you are thinking of joining Seraphim, you need to be aware of the information in this paragraph so you have no misconceptions of the level of dedication needed to be accepted as a raid member in our guild and what style of raiding you will expect to be doing if you become one.

Who we are looking for:

At present we urgently need a healer, Ideally a Holy Paladin but preferably not a Resto Shaman (We already have many totem droppers) to complete our healing team and to allow us much more flexiblity in our raid setup. Although your main role (if you joined us) would be healing, there is also a chance you would expected to perform a DPS role from time to time as we like to make use of dual spec hybrids to tweek our setups for certain fights. Ideally the potential candidate would:

- Have had a decent amount of raiding experience as a healer in WOTLK (TBC is not necessary but is beneficial). Experience of certain fights is not important, just the ability to play your class well in a raiding environment.

- Have sufficient gear to perform their role in ToGC, but having BiS everything is not important.

- Be willing to work on a DPS spec; having ToGC-ready gear is not important for this one but a willingness and ability to run as a DPS is a big advantage. We don't use DKP so gearing up is pretty easy.

- Be willing to participate vocally on vent, both out of combat regarding strategies and in fight (We are all English speaking).

- Be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday, from 20:00 server time until around midnight.

- Be active in letting the guild know if they can't make a raid or any other problems they may have.

If you think you fit what we are looking for, then please head over to our recruitment forum at Seraphim &bull; Index page (http://void.axetomouth.com/forum) and make an application using the template provided. There is also further information there regarding looting, specific raid times, etc etc. but if you do have any further questions feel free to message me here, on our forum or in game (on a level 2 character or above).

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